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Method for gravity separation of tungsten tailings

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Method for gravity separation of tungsten tailings

Tungsten sand tailings are a type of tungsten containing ore, usually generated as waste during the tungsten ore beneficiation process. Due to the presence of a certain amount of tungsten ore in tungsten tailings, gravity separation can recover the tungsten ore and improve resource utilization. This article will introduce the gravity separation method of tungsten tailings, helping readers understand how to recover tungsten ore from them.

Principle of tungsten tailings gravity separation

The principle of tungsten tailings gravity separation is to separate tungsten ore from other impurities in tungsten tailings through physical beneficiation methods, in order to achieve the goal of recovering tungsten ore. The commonly used physical beneficiation methods include gravity beneficiation, magnetic separation, and flotation. Different beneficiation methods are suitable for different types of ores, and appropriate methods need to be selected based on the specific situation of tungsten tailings.

2钨砂尾矿重选方法 II. Steps of tungsten sand tailings re selection

1. Grinding: Grind the tungsten tailings fine for subsequent beneficiation operations. Grinding can be carried out using equipment such as ball mills and roller presses.

2. Gravity beneficiation: The finely ground tungsten tailings are separated by gravity beneficiation equipment. Gravity beneficiation equipment includes spiral sorting machines, chute sorting machines, etc. The principle of gravity beneficiation is to separate minerals of different densities at different settling rates under the action of gravity.

3. Magnetic separation: The tungsten tailings after gravity beneficiation are separated through magnetic separation equipment. Magnetic separation equipment includes wet magnetic separators, dry magnetic separators, etc. The principle of magnetic separation is to use the different magnetic properties of minerals in a magnetic field for separation.

4. Flotation: The tungsten tailings after magnetic separation are separated through flotation equipment. Flotation equipment includes flotation machines, air flotation separators, etc. The principle of flotation is to utilize the different adhesion of minerals with different surface properties in gas or liquid for separation.

3、 Advantages and disadvantages of tungsten tailings gravity separation method

The advantage of the tungsten tailings gravity separation method is that it can recover tungsten ore from it and improve resource utilization. Meanwhile, physical beneficiation methods are more environmentally friendly compared to chemical beneficiation methods and do not generate harmful waste. The disadvantage is that the beneficiation process requires a large amount of energy and water resources, and equipment investment and maintenance costs are also high.

4、 Conclusion

Tungsten tailings gravity separation is an effective method for recovering tungsten ore, which can improve resource utilization efficiency. In specific operations, it is necessary to choose appropriate beneficiation methods based on the specific situation of tungsten tailings, and pay attention to saving energy and water resources, reducing equipment investment and maintenance costs.

钨砂尾矿重选方法 Method for gravity separation of tungsten tailings
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