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Magnetic separation equipment

Magnetic separation equipment

Introduction: Magnetic separation equipment is used to extract magnetic raw materials from other raw materials based on their magnetic properties. It is a mechanical equipment used for practical operations. Ore magnetic separation equipment is commonly used for the production and manufacture of magnetic mineral resources such as Hematite. It is also known as magnetic separation equipment or mechanical equipment.

Application: Magnetic separation equipment can be used to screen out various minerals such as Hematite, Limonite, Siderite, Ilmenite, Wolframite, manganese ore, manganese carbonate, manganese oxide ore, etc. It is widely used in the metallurgical industry, air purification, iron ore production, porcelain clay processing, rare earth ore extraction, and other industries. It is suitable for raw materials with a particle size distribution of less than 3mm, such as Hematite, Pyrrhotite, Peishao ore, and Ilmenite. It is also used for iron removal in coal mining enterprises and decorative building materials.

Principle: The process of magnetic separation involves screening ore particles in the electromagnetic field of the mining magnetic separation equipment. The magnetic and mechanical forces act on the particles, causing them to follow different trajectories. This separates the particles into two or several independent mineral processing commodities.

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