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Rough selection of sandy kaolin spiral chute

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Rough selection of sandy kaolin spiral chute

A gravity beneficiation machine that utilizes the continuous centrifugal force generated by the slurry during the spiral rotation movement to separate lightweight and heavy minerals. 2、 The use method is to erect the glass fiber reinforced plastic spiral chute, calibrate the vertical line, fix it in an appropriate position with an iron frame or wood, send the ore sand to the two ore feeding ports above the spiral by the sand pump, mix in the make-up water, and adjust the concentration of the ore slurry. The ore slurry naturally swirls from high to low, generating a single coherent centrifugal force in the flow speed of the revolving inclined surface, so as to obtain the difference in the specific gravity, Granularity and state of the placer, Through the effect of gravity and centrifugal force obtained through swirling flow, the sand ore is separated, and the concentrate flows into the beneficiation hopper and is connected out through pipelines. The tailings are discharged into the tailings hopper and connected to the sand pit through pipelines, and then discharged by a slurry pump, completing the entire beneficiation process. 砂质高岭土螺旋溜槽粗选 Sandy kaolin spiral chute roughing Ⅲ. Featured by low power consumption, simple structure, small area occupation, simple operation, stable beneficiation, clear ore separation, no need for moving parts, convenient Computerized maintenance management system, large processing output per unit size and other characteristics, fiberglass chute has attracted much attention in many gravity beneficiation equipment. The machinery has a relatively wide and gentle groove surface, and the slurry flows in a laminar flow with a larger area, making it more suitable for processing medium to fine (-4mm) ore particles. We have made spiral chutes with diameters of 400, 600, 900, and 1200mm domestically, Ф The processing capacity of 1200MM four head is about 4-6 t/h. The spiral chute roughing of sandy kaolin is 砂质高岭土螺旋溜槽粗选. 4. According to the particle size of the processed mineral materials, the chute can be divided into three types: (1) coarse chute. The maximum Granularity of ore feeding is more than 2-3 mm, and the maximum can be 100-200 mm. (2) The ore chute handles 2-3 millimeter sized ores. (3) Slurry spiral chute, feeding particle size < 0.074mm. 5、 Applicable fields The application scope of spiral concentrator is to separate fine grained iron ore, Ilmenite, Chromite, pyrite, tin ore, tantalum niobium ore, placer gold ore, coal mine, monazite ore, Rutile ore, zircon, rare earth ore and other metal and non nonferrous metal minerals with sufficient density and specific gravity difference. Rough selection of sandy kaolin spiral chutes 砂质高岭土螺旋溜槽粗选 Rough selection of sandy kaolin spiral chutes

Rough selection of sandy kaolin spiral chute
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