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Quartz sand complete equipment

Quartz sand complete equipment

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Quartz sand complete equipment  introduce:

Quartz sand is made from natural quartz ore and processed through processes such as crushing, screening, and washing. The appearance is polygonal, spherical, and pure white, with high mechanical strength, strong pollution cut-off ability, and good acid resistance. Jinqiang Mining specializes in producing complete sets of quartz sand equipment, providing you with comprehensive technical support. The complete equipment production line for quartz sand beneficiation consists of vibrating feeders, jaw crushers, quartz sand making machines (CNC sand making machines), linear vibrating screens, belt conveyors, and other equipment. According to different process requirements, combined with various models of equipment, to meet the different process requirements of customers.

The production process of a complete set of quartz sand equipment production line involves the initial crushing of large quartz stones or quartz stone materials by a coarse crusher (jaw crusher), and then transported by a belt conveyor to a fine crusher (fine jaw crusher or impact crusher) for further crushing. The raw ore is crushed to below 40mm and transported by a conveyor to a sand making machine for secondary crushing. The crushed quartz sand enters a linear vibrating screen for screening, and the screened finished product is transported to a finished material pile or packaging machine for packaging.

Advantages of a complete set of quartz sand equipment: 1. High degree of automation and low operating cost of the quartz sand complete equipment

2. The complete set of quartz sand equipment has high crushing rate, energy saving, and large output

3. Quartz sand complete equipment with less pollution

4. Easy maintenance of quartz sand complete equipment

5. The complete set of quartz sand equipment meets the national construction sand standard, with uniform particle size, good particle size, and reasonable grade.

Characteristics of quartz sand complete equipment and a complete set of quartz sand equipment: The filter material of the quartz sand complete equipment is composed of natural quartz ore, crushing, water washing, screening, acid washing, drying, and secondary screening. There are two commonly used quartz sand filter materials, one is ordinary quartz sand, and the other is refined acid washing sand. The complete set of quartz sand equipment materials have the characteristics of high hardness, good corrosion resistance, high density, high mechanical strength, and long service life of the pollution capacity line, making them ideal materials for chemical water treatment.

The complete set of equipment for beneficiation of this quartz sand is made of natural quartz ore as raw material, processed through crushing, water washing and fine screening. It is currently the most widely used and largest amount of water purification material in the water treatment industry, with no impurities, compression resistance, wear resistance, high mechanical strength, stable chemical performance, strong sewage interception ability, high efficiency, and long service life. It is suitable for single-layer, double-layer filters, filters, ion exchangers, etc, All indicators meet the standard (CJ/T43-1999). Processed with refined quartz sand, pure white quartz sand, acid treatment agent, and ordinary quartz sand, it can meet the needs of different users.

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