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Fluorite beneficiation equipment

Fluorite beneficiation equipment

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What are the components of Fluorite beneficiation equipment:

The equipment used in the fluorite ore beneficiation production line includes jaw crushers, ball mills, flotation machines, dryers, spiral classifiers, mixing drums, thickeners, feeders, conveyors, and other equipment. The flotation machine is the key equipment in the entire beneficiation production line; The specific fluorite beneficiation equipment needs to be configured according to the fluorite beneficiation process confirmed by the customer.

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Fluorite beneficiation equipment introduce:

Fluorite ore is a natural non-metallic ore with Calcium fluoride as the main component, also known as fluorite serpentine, which is an important raw material in the fluorine chemical industry. It is widely used in refrigeration, aerospace, electronics, medicine, fire fighting, machinery, atomic energy and other fields, and is widely distributed in Hunan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Inner Mongolia and other provinces. To achieve comprehensive utilization of fluorite ore, scientific and reasonable beneficiation treatment is necessary. Jinqiang has conducted in-depth research on the composition and characteristics of fluorite ore, designed a scientific fluorite ore beneficiation production line, equipped with a complete set of fluorite beneficiation equipment, and the beneficiation effect is quite good. So what are the beneficiation equipment for fluorite ore? What is a process flow? Below is a brief introduction for you.

1. Fluorite beneficiation equipment

The fluorite ore beneficiation production line has gone through stages such as crushing and screening, grinding and grading, flotation and drying. The fluorite mining equipment used includes jaw crushers, ball mills, flotation machines, dryers, spiral classifiers, mixing drums, thickeners, feeders, conveyors, and other equipment. Among them, the flotation machine is the key equipment of the entire beneficiation production line, used for selecting fluorite concentrate; In addition, other beneficiation equipment is also essential.

2. Fluorite ore beneficiation process flow.

The fluorite production line designed by Jinqiang is fully equipped. The connection of each link is more suitable, the flotation accuracy is higher, and the operation is more convenient. The specific process flow is as follows:

(1) Crushing and screening stage.

The large fluorite ore mined should first be uniformly crushed by a jaw crusher, and then divided into different specifications by a circular vibrating screen. Materials that do not meet the particle size requirements should be sent back for re crushing, and qualified fluorite particles should be sent to the next stage.

(2) Grinding and grading stage.

Mix the crushed fluorite mineral material with water, send it to a ball mill for grinding, and then classify it by a spiral classifier. The unqualified slurry is returned to the ball mill for further grinding, and the slurry that meets the requirements is sent to the next step.

(3) Flotation drying stage.

After grading, the qualified fluorite slurry first enters the mixing bucket, is stirred evenly with the reagent, and then sent to the flotation machine to fully contact the reagent with the slurry. After the reaction, the obtained fluorite concentrate is concentrated in a thickener, and then dried and dehydrated through a dryer to obtain the finished fluorite concentrate powder.

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