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XJK floatation machine

XJK floatation machine

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1、 Introduction

XJK flotation machine is widely used in the roughing, optimization and reverse flotation of rare metals such as copper, lead, zinc, nickel, molybdenum, Light metal and minerals. Life practice shows that XJK flotation machine is reasonable in structure, stable in operation, reliable in work, and its characteristics reach the excellent level of overseas flotation machines. It is suitable for the separation of non-ferrous plates, Light metal and mining enterprises.

XJK flotation machine is generally used for roughing, optimization and reverse flotation of rare metals such as copper, lead, zinc nickel, molybdenum, gold, Light metal and minerals in mining enterprises. XJK-1, XJK-2, and XJK-4 use four and six basic upper troughs as the basic upper troughs. Among them, XJK-1 and XJK-2 are two electric bodies, while XJK-2A, 4a, 5A, and 6A use two, four, and six basic upper troughs. XJK-11 uses one, two, and four basic upper troughs as the basic upper troughs, connecting multiple basic upper troughs to form a series of products, XJK flotation machines, which can perform coarse, fine, and scanning work.

2、 Working principle

The motor rotates the centrifugal impeller according to the V-belt and belt pulley. On the one hand, sufficient gas is sucked in to mix the coal slurry, on the other hand, the coal slurry is mixed with drugs, and at the same time, the bubbles are optimized. Under the effect of drugs, particles adhere to the bubbles, float to the surface of the coal slurry, generate an acidified foam plastic layer, and are scraped out by the scraper.

When the steady flow version of XJK flotation machine is in operation, the feed pipe sends the coal slurry to the rear cover plate management center, and the Centripetal force caused by the rotation of the centrifugal impeller throws the coal slurry out, at the same time, a negative pressure is generated between the centrifugal impeller and the rear cover plate, so the external gas is automatically sucked in through the air inlet. The obvious mixing effect of the centrifugal impeller allows for sufficient mixing of coal slurry and gas, and it is cut into many fine bubbles through gas rotation. The acidified bubble rises to the foam plastic layer and is scraped out by the scraper, which is the foam plastic commodity.

3、 Advantage characteristics

Self priming gas. The coal slurry circulation system has good characteristics. The relative stability of respiratory volume. Moderate compressive strength during mixing and excellent floatation of solid particles. The liquid level is stable. Low output power consumption.

4、 Application scope

XJK flotation machine can be widely used for the separation of rare metals, Light metal, and minerals in mining enterprises, and is suitable for the roughing and scavenging of large, medium and small flotation reagent plants.

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