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Introduction to Jinqiang Mining Equipment

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Jinqiang Mining Equipment is a professional manufacturer of mining equipment, which can provide you with gold processing equipment, placer gold equipment, sand gold processing equipment, manganese ore equipment, copper processing equipment, iron ore equipment, tungsten ore processing equipment, tungsten ore processing equipment, lead and zinc processing equipment, sand tin ore equipment, tin processing equipment, fluorite processing equipment, Baryte equipment, silica equipment, rare earth processing equipment, vanadium ore equipment and other mining equipment products. Currently produced by Jinqiangmining equipmentSeries Products  andbeneficiation equipmentThe series of products have strong production capacity and high beneficiation efficiency, and are widely used in the beneficiation process in the mining equipment industry. Our company's mining equipment has obtained ISO9001 and GOST international quality system certification. Since its establishment, it has been sold to over 50 countries and regions, providing mining equipment services to thousands of customers. Jinqiang Mining Equipment is a trustworthy source manufacturer of mining equipment.


Jinqiang Mining Equipment, with its high-quality products, has obtained ISO9001 and GOST international quality system certifications. Its mining equipment products are exported to more than 50 countries around the world, with customers spread across all continents.

High tech enterprise certificate

Jinqiang has improved and developed mining equipment including placer gold equipment, gold ore selection equipment, copper ore selection equipment, tin ore selection equipment, tungsten ore selection equipment, manganese ore selection equipment, and rare earth selection equipment, and has obtained a high-tech enterprise certificate.

Shipping and on-site

The mining equipment manufactured by Jinqiang is sold to over 50 countries worldwide, saving beneficiation costs and improving beneficiation efficiency for thousands of mines and beneficiation plants!

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