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Formula for processing capacity of spiral chute

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Formula for processing capacity of spiral chute

Formula 1 and Product Overview of Spiral Chute Processing Capacity: A gravity beneficiation machine that utilizes the continuous centrifugal force generated by the slurry in the spiral rotary motion to achieve lightweight and heavy mineral separation. 2、 The working principle is the same: mineral mortar is slowly fed onto the rotating groove surface through the feeding groove installed at the end of the spiral groove head, and selection is carried out. The tail end of the spiral groove is equipped with a valve type product selection groove, which divides the sorting equipment into three types according to grade along the radial direction. By adjusting the orientation of the valve block to change the cutting width of each product, the equipment gathering bucket allows the obtained variable mineral flow to be collected and exported. The cross section and slope of the curve of the spiral concentrator are very suitable for the separation of fine particle materials. Formula 3 for the processing capacity of the 螺旋溜槽处理量公式 spiral chute. Features: 1. Stable and easy control of the sorting process. 2. Large allowable variation range of ore concentration. 3. High enrichment and high recovery rate. 4. Small land occupation and water consumption. 5. Simple structure without power. 6. Large processing output. 7. Simple installation and operation. 8. Low investment and quick effect. Formula 4 for the processing capacity of the spiral chute The structure of the fiberglass spiral chute consists of six parts: a feeding homogenizer, a feeding chute, a spiral groove, a product acquisition groove, an equipment gathering hopper, and a groove bracket (including a cross or triangular frame). The rotating groove formed by connecting rotating discs is the main component. The spiral plate is made of fiberglass (fiberglass reinforced coal gangue) and is connected together through screws. The sorting surface of the spiral groove has a pre designed durable wear-resistant layer. She has the advantages of being lightweight, sturdy, and durable in using consumables. There is a multi tube feeding homogenizer above the rotating groove to screen minerals evenly, which is not cumbersome to operate. The screening machine does not need to be restricted from being placed on the cross (or tripod) on the support table. The uniform slurry is slowly fed to the surface of the spiral groove through the feeding groove on the rotating groove head, and sorting is carried out. The tail of the rotating groove is installed in a valve type new equipment selection groove, allowing the sorted new products to be divided into three (or four) types of new products according to grade along the radial direction. Change the width of each new device by adjusting the position of the valve block. The new product gathering bucket is a concentric circular tube that separates and merges the intercepted multi-directional mineral flows. The cross section of the spiral chute and the slope change of the curve are very applicable to the selection of fine materials. 5、 Use This product is used to separate fine materials with a particle size of 0.3-0.02mm to obtain iron ore, ilmenite ore, chromite ore, pyrite ore, zircon sand, Rutile ore, monazite ore, phosphorus ethylene, tungsten ore, placer tin, tantalum, niobium ore or other non-ferrous metal ores, rare metals and non-metallic ore bodies with different density and specific gravity. Formula for Handling Capacity of Spiral Chute 螺旋溜槽处理量公式 Formula for Handling Capacity of Spiral Chute

螺旋溜槽处理量公式 Formula for processing capacity of spiral chute
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