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High gradient magnetic separator

High gradient magnetic separator

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1、 Product Description

High gradient magnetic separator is a type of magnetic separator series product. The key is composed of five major parts: a magnetic separator, an electromagnetic coil refrigeration system, a rectifier power supply, a pneumatic automatic control system, and a complete electromechanical engineering automatic control system. The vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator has a magnetic field, a screening box constructed with magnetic media and support points, and a material flow distribution system software. The electromagnetic coil refrigeration system includes cooling cycle water distribution pipes, internal refrigeration and external condenser circuit system software, and heat exchangers; The rectifier power supply includes a dry test low-voltage transformer and a thyristor rectifier cabinet.

2、 Working principle

Mineral screening is carried out according to the different specific magnetization indexes of various minerals. When the high gradient vertical ring magnetic separator enters the ps sorting area, under the magnetic effect of the magnetic field, substances with Magnetochemistry are absorbed on the surface of the barrel and rotate with the barrel. The optical rotation of the magnetic field of the high gradient vertical ring magnetic separator changes in the direction of rotation of the drum, and remains fixed during operation, causing magnetic stirring during the rotation of the magnetic cylinder. Non magnetic and weak magnetic particles fall off during the entire rotation process of the magnetic cylinder, and magnetic particles are attracted to the surface of the drum by the magnetic force effect inside the magnetic field. They are discharged into the titanium concentrate tank at the edge of the magnetic system with poor magnetic force, i.e. titanium concentrate.

3、 Structural composition

The key components of the gas control system of the vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator include gas control valves, gas control cabinets, and air compressors. It has key functions in work, such as reducing common faults and vibration conditions of high gradient magnetic separators. The automatic control system includes manual and fully automatic actual operations, overvoltage, overvoltage, and overtemperature protection devices for the refrigeration system, external device interlocking actual operations, common fault alarms, and fully automatic shutdown system software.

4、 Product advantages

1. The vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator can provide various types of magnetic separation equipment with different surface strengths, such as forward flow, semi reverse flow, and reverse flow, in operation. The vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator has the advantages of simple structure, large processing capacity, convenient practical operation, and easy maintenance.

2. The use of magnetic focusing technology to form a complex composite magnetic system promotes a wide range of indoor space and magnetic field gradient directions around the hard drive, which is higher in utilization and processing capacity compared to other industries in the same industry.

3. Because the vertical ring pulsating high gradient magnetic separator utilizes the technology of moving magnetic field and focusing magnetic field, fans tolerate moderate water throughout the entire process of gathering the edges of the circular disk, relying on magnetic force and force to unload the ore sufficiently. This further reduces the water consumption of the machine equipment tailings pond reclaimer.

4. High gradient vertical ring magnetic separator can be used as magnetic separation equipment for Hematite, pyrrhotite and roasted Hematite, Limonite and Siderite. The tailings pond reclaimer has practical effects such as large processing capacity, high utilization rate, simple structure, increased profitability, and conservation of natural resources.

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