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Screening equipment

Screening equipment

The screening equipment utilizes various movements such as rotation, vibration, reciprocation, shaking, etc., to separate different raw materials and processed products. It uses stainless steel to divide them into multiple grades based on particle size distribution, or to remove moisture and residues. This helps improve the quality of the products and prepares them for further production and processing.

There are different types of screening equipment available, including drum screening equipment, vibration screening equipment, and crushing screening equipment.

Vibration screening equipment is specifically designed for screening materials in quarries. It can also be used for grading products in industries such as coal, mining, building materials, power, and chemical engineering. This equipment has advanced structure, strong excitation force, low vibration noise, and is easy to maintain. It is also durable and long-lasting. Vibration screening equipment can be further categorized into light vibration screens and heavy vibration screens. Light vibration screens are generally used for screening food and medicine, while heavy vibration screens are typically used for ore screening and crushing machines.

Jinqiang Mining Equipment is a reputable manufacturer of crushing and screening equipment, including vibrating and screening equipment. The company offers high-quality products at competitive prices, and provides comprehensive services. Customers are encouraged to choose the machine that best suits their needs.

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