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GTS drum screen

GTS drum screen

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GTS drum screen equipment details:

Equipment Introduction:

The GTS series drum screen is a specialized screening machine and equipment developed by our company for power plants, coking, decorative building materials, metallurgical industry, chemical plants, mining, porcelain and other fields. The GTS series drum screen overcomes the problem of stainless steel screen blockage caused by circular and linear vibrating screens when screening wet raw materials, improves the production volume and stability of screening system software, and has received unanimous five-star praise from many customers.

Working principle:

GTS roller screen is divided into five parts, namely, barrel rolling, sound card rack, Büchner funnel, reducer and motor. After the crushed sandstone is fed into the drum, the raw materials are screened by the Centripetal force of the drum rotation and the jigging effect. Screen one by one using stainless steel screens with different mesh sizes. Sand and gravel with different specifications and models are screened and then dropped into the belt conveyor through Büchner funnel and sent to the finished stone yard. On the one hand, it is selected with the rotation of the barrel, and raw materials are screened by the Centripetal force of the barrel rotation and the jigging effect. On the one hand, the sandstone with large particle size distribution flows forward along the inclination of the barrel, and is slowly screened according to the stainless steel screen with different meshes. Small sand and gravel materials fall into the respective Büchner funnel after screening, and then are transported manually or automatically out to the finished product stack.

Structural composition:

The key equipment of GTS drum screen manufacturer includes electric motor, reducer, drum equipment, sound card frame, lock cover, and material inlet and outlet. The GTS drum screen manufacturer's equipment is installed diagonally on the sound card rack (as shown in the following figure). The motor is connected to the barrel equipment through a reducer and a coupling, pushing the barrel equipment to rotate around its centerline. After the raw materials enter the rolling drum equipment, due to the tilting and rotation of the rolling drum equipment, the raw materials on the screen surface rotate and flip, causing the qualified raw materials (products under the screen) to be discharged through the stainless steel screen mesh in the inner hole of the rolling drum, and the unqualified raw materials (products on the screen) to be discharged through the tail end of the rolling drum. Due to the rotation and flipping of raw materials in the drum, the raw materials stuck in the round hole sieve can be ejected, avoiding blockage of the round hole sieve. GTS drum screen manufacturer's equipment features 1. Round hole screens are not easily blocked. 2. The GTS drum screen manufacturer's equipment operates stably and has low noise. 3. Simple construction and convenient maintenance. 4. The GTS drum screen manufacturer's equipment has high mechanical stability and less investment in one-time projects. 5. Specially made stainless steel mesh is selected, with high screening efficiency and long service life.

GTS drum screen Technical Parameter:


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