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Drum screen

Drum screen

Drum screen equipment is a widely used mechanical equipment in screening technology. It is used to control garbage sorting based on the particle size of the particles, ensuring high screening accuracy. The drum section of the equipment is usually divided into several sections, each with a detailed visibility. The round hole screens are arranged in ascending order of size, with each section having the same diameter. The drum screen equipment includes the drum screen sand machine equipment and the drum stone equipment. The drum screen sand machine equipment consists of a motor, reducer, drum equipment, sound card frame, lock cover, and inlet and outlet.

The drum sand screening machine equipment has several characteristics:

1. The sieve holes are not easily blocked, ensuring smooth operation.

2. It operates stably and produces low noise.

3. It has a simple structure and is easy to maintain.

4. The screening cylinder can be closed, making it convenient to remove dust.

5. It has high equipment reliability and requires low initial investment.

6. The drum sand screening machine adopts a special screen, which has high screening efficiency and a long service life.

The drum screen equipment has a wide range of applications:

1. In quarries, it is used to grade large and small stones, separating soil and stone powder.

2. In sand and gravel yards, it is used for sand and gravel separation.

3. In the coal industry, it is used to separate lump coal from coal powder and for coal washing.

4. In the chemical industry and mineral processing industry, it is used to classify and separate powdered substances.

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