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barite beneficiation equipment

barite beneficiation equipment

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What are the components of barite beneficiation equipment:

1. Gravity concentration: jaw breakage or impact breakage, roller breakage, spiral classifier, jig, shaker, spiral chute, etc.

2. Flotation: crushers, vibrating screens, ball mills, flotation machines, thickeners, etc.

3. Gravity separation - magnetic separation: jaw or impact breaking, roller breaking, spiral classifier, jig, shaking table, magnetic separator, etc

4. Gravity separation flotation: jaw crushing or impact crushing, roller crushing, ball mill, spiral classifier, jig, shaker, flotation machine, etc

The specific barite beneficiation equipment needs to be configured according to the barite beneficiation process confirmed by the customer.

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barite beneficiation equipment introduce:

Baryte is a common mineral of barium. Its composition is Barium sulfate, chemical composition BaO 65.7%, SO334.3%. It is an important industrial mineral raw material for manufacturing barium and barium compounds. Taking Baryte deposits in China as an example, they can be divided into four types: sedimentary deposits, volcanic sedimentary deposits, hydrothermal deposits and residual deposits. According to the type of ore, the nature of raw ore, the scale and use of the mine, the commonly used Baryte beneficiation methods are mainly ore methods, gravity separation methods, flotation methods, magnetic separation methods and combined process flow.

Generally speaking, residual Baryte ore is easy to select, and gravity concentration method can be preferred; In addition to gravity concentration method, flotation method is also required for selection of deposited Baryte ore and hydrothermal Baryte ore with sulfide ore and fluorite. Next, we will explain each Baryte beneficiation process and Baryte beneficiation equipment used in each process one by one.

1. Manual selection of Baryte.

After raw ore mining, using simple manual beneficiation is a commonly used beneficiation method for many small mines. Due to the high geological grade and stable quality of some mines, qualified Baryte products can be selected according to the color and density of Baryte and associated minerals. The Baryte of rich block ore is selected by hand, and the particle size is required to be 30-150mm, BaSO4> 95%, generally greater than 92%. Generally speaking, the manual separation method is simple and easy, and can be carried out without Baryte processing equipment. Suitable for small-scale mineral processing, but with low productivity, high requirements for ore grade, and serious resource waste.

2. Baryte gravity concentration method.

Baryte gravity separation method is mainly used to separate Baryte according to the Density contrast between barite and associated minerals, including ore washing, screening, desliming, jigging, shaking table and other processes, mainly used to treat residual Baryte ore.

High quality Baryte concentrate can be obtained from raw ore through Baryte dressing equipment such as ore washing, screening, crushing, grading and desliming, jigging, and shaking table, and the product grade can reach more than 88%. Jaw crushers or impact crushers are generally used in the crushing stage, while roller crushers are generally used for fine crushing operations. Heavy medium rotary drum sorting machine, cone sorting machine, jigging sorting machine or shaking table, etc. Used to select stages. When the embedded particle size of Baryte is greater than 2mm, heavy medium separation can usually be used. Skip sorting, but the upper limit of particle size for heavy medium sorting is 50mm, and the upper limit of particle size for wet and dry skip sorting is about 20mm. When the embedded particle size of Baryte is less than 2mm, the shaking table can be used for separation, but before the selection operation, the Hydrocyclone must be used to remove the mud to improve the selection effect.

3. Baryte flotation method.

The specific gravity of Baryte is large, 4-4.6, with good floatability. The Baryte flotation method is mainly used to separate Baryte according to the difference in surface physical and chemical properties between barite and associated minerals, and is commonly used to deposit Baryte ore and associated hydrothermal Baryte ore such as sulfide ore and fluorite. Taking China as an example, Baryte ore has more lean ore and less rich ore, and more than 80% of the ore deposits are associated with other minerals. For ore and gravity tailings with finer particle size, flotation method must be used. The commonly used flotation process of Baryte mainly includes positive flotation and reverse flotation. The purpose of reverse flotation is to remove alkali metal sulfide.

As a common salt mineral, the flotation process of Baryte can be divided into two types according to the adsorption form: one is to use anionic collectors such as fatty acid alkyl sulfate and alkyl sulfonate to adsorb on the surface of Baryte mineral in the form of chemical adsorption, so as to separate it from other associated minerals. The other is to use cationic amine collector to float Baryte in the form of physical adsorption. Due to the ideal use of anionic collectors, amine collectors have low collection efficiency and are extremely sensitive to the impact of slime. Generally, NaOH can be added to the ball mill, and the pH value can be adjusted to 8-10. Sodium silicate can be added to the pulp as a regulator, and Baryte can be floated when the solid concentration is 40% -50%.

4. Baryte gravity magnetic separation method.

Baryte magnetic separation method is mainly based on the surface magnetic difference between Baryte and iron oxide minerals. It is commonly used to select Baryte ore containing iron minerals such as Siderite. Magnetic separation is usually used in combination with gravity separation as the raw material of Baryte for barium based drugs with low iron content.

5. Baryte gravity flotation method.

The combined gravity flotation process is commonly used for Baryte ore associated with sulfide ore. Taking the selection of Baryte quartz Calcite ore as an example, in the combined process of flotation gravity separation, Sodium metasilicate and collector are added to the flotation cell to remove quartz impurities to obtain mixed ores of Baryte and Calcite. Then, according to the Density contrast between gangue minerals such as Calcite and Baryte, gravity separation equipment such as jigs and shakers are used for gravity separation to obtain Baryte concentrate.

Most of the Baryte ores mined in the early stage are high grade ores, which are usually manually or gravity separated with low cost and low technology content. However, with the low grade of Baryte ore, the complexity of ore properties, magnetic separation, flotation and combined beneficiation methods are gradually widely used in Baryte ore. It is suggested that all mine owners develop scientific and reasonable flotation process and select Baryte beneficiation equipment according to the beneficiation test report to avoid unnecessary economic losses.

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