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Linear vibrating screen

Linear vibrating screen

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Linear vibrating screen equipment details:

Working principle of high-frequency vibrating screen

The high-frequency linear vibrating screen equipment is driven by dual vibrators. When the two vibrators rotate synchronously or in reverse, the excitation force generated by their eccentric blocks cancels out each other in the direction parallel to the motor axis, and overlaps into a combined force in the direction perpendicular to the motor axis. Therefore, the motion track of the screen machine is a straight line. The two motor shafts have an inclination angle relative to the screen surface. Under the combined force of excitation force and material self gravity, the material is thrown up on the screen surface and moves forward in a straight line, achieving the purpose of screening and grading the material. Can be used to achieve automated operations in assembly lines. The high-frequency linear vibrating screen equipment has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, and fully enclosed structure without dust overflow. The high-frequency linear vibrating screen equipment can screen up to 400 meshes and can screen out 7 different particle sizes of materials.

Linear screen structure:

The high-frequency linear vibrating screen equipment can also screen and classify powder and granular materials. Mainly composed of screen box, screen frame, screen mesh, vibration motor, motor pedestal, vibration damping spring, bracket, etc.

Working characteristics of high-frequency vibrating screen: High screening accuracy, large processing capacity, simple structure, low energy consumption, low noise, long service life of the screen, good sealing, no dust leakage, convenient maintenance, high-frequency vibrating screen can be used for automated operations in assembly line production. The high-frequency linear vibrating screen has the advantages of low energy consumption, high output, simple structure, easy maintenance, fully enclosed structure, no dust overflow, automatic discharge, and is suitable for assembly line operations.

High frequency vibrating screen is mainly suitable for industries: High frequency linear vibrating screen equipment is widely used for screening dry powder materials in industries such as chemical, food, plastic, medicine, metallurgy, glass, building materials, grain, fertilizer, abrasive, ceramics, etc.

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