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38 degree complete spiral chute

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38 degree complete spiral chute

A complete set of 38 degree spiral chutes is introduced. Gravity separation is widely used in the beneficiation of metallic and non-metallic ores due to its low environmental pollution and low cost. Glass fiber reinforced plastic chute is one of the gravity beneficiation equipment, with a structural feature of a cubic parabolic cross-section. It is suitable for processing finer particle sizes of -0.2mm. In the sorting step, there is no need to add water to wash, and the bottom of the chute is divided into sections to obtain refined, medium, and tailings. 2、 Use skills to set up the FRP spiral chute, calibrate the vertical line, use an iron frame or wood to set the proper position, send the mineral sand to the two ore inlets above the spiral by the sand pump, add makeup water, and adjust the density of the mineral mortar. The mineral slurry naturally swirls from high to low, and a continuous centrifugal force occurs in the flow speed of the swirling inclined surface to obtain the difference in gravity, Granularity and shape of the mineral sand, By achieving the effects of gravity and centrifugal force through swirling flow, the ore is separated, and the selected ore is discharged into the concentrate hopper and connected out through pipelines. The tailings are discharged into the tailings hopper and connected to the sand tank through pipelines, and then discharged by a mortar pump, completing the entire beneficiation process. 38度全套螺旋溜槽38 degree complete spiral chute 3. Features 1. The sorting process is stable and easy to control 2. The allowable range of feed density is relatively large 3. The enrichment ratio is high and the recycling rate is high 4. The land area occupied is relatively small and the water consumption is low 5. The structure is simple and no power is needed 6. The processing output is large 7. The installation is simple and easy to operate 8. The investment is small and the results are fast. 38 degree complete spiral chute 38度全套螺旋溜槽 4. The ore Granularity is obtained according to the type, Chutes can be divided into three types: (1) Coarse grained chutes, with a maximum feed size of 2-3mm or more, and a maximum of 100-200mm. (2) The ore chute handles 2-3mm sized ore. (3) Slime chute, feeding Granularity is less than 0.074MM. 5、 The use scope of glass fiber reinforced plastic chute is suitable for the separation of fine grained iron ore, ferrotitanium ore, chromite ore, pyrite ore, tin, tantalum niobium ore, placer gold ore, coal mine, monazite ore, Rutile ore, zircon, rare earth ore, and has enough Density contrast to obtain other metal and non-metallic ores. 38 degree complete spiral chute 38度全套螺旋溜槽38 degree complete spiral chute

38 degree complete spiral chute
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