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Lead zinc ore beneficiation equipment

Lead zinc ore beneficiation equipment

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What are the components of Lead zinc ore beneficiation equipment:

1. Jaw crusher

The lead zinc ore crushing and rough processing equipment has a simple structure, large throughput, high efficiency, energy conservation, and low cost. It serves as the front line for stone crushing, better digesting large lead zinc ores, and reasonably converting them into small stones.

2. Cone crusher

A high-tech medium to fine crushing equipment used for secondary crushing processing, laminated crushing, hydraulic structure of lead-zinc mines, creating a new crushing mode that is efficient, safe to operate, and intelligent and environmentally friendly.

3. Ball mill

The grinding of lead-zinc ore achieves the purpose of ore pre decomposition, with high mining efficiency, energy conservation and consumption reduction, simple operation, and a processing capacity of up to 615t/h.

4. Flotation machine

Two times of mixed flotation can discard tailings at once, reducing metal loss. The core equipment of the flotation machine has high flotation accuracy, good selection effect, and saves medication. The process is simple and easy to use.

Other equipment includes vibrating screens, classifiers, mixing drums, thickeners, dryers, rotary kilns, belt conveyors, etc. The specific lead-zinc ore beneficiation equipment needs to be configured according to the lead-zinc ore beneficiation process confirmed by the customer.

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Lead zinc ore beneficiation equipment introduce:

Lead zinc ore beneficiation process flow and equipment configuration for lead zinc ore beneficiation

① E type crusher - lead zinc ore beneficiation and crushing process.

The crushing process adopts a three stage one closed circuit process, with a total crushing ratio of 33. Raw ore is roughly crushed using a jaw crusher. The coarse products are placed on a vibrating screen, the products on the screen are placed on a cone crusher, and the products under the screen and vibrating screen are placed in a powder ore warehouse. The particle size of medium crushing ore discharge is 35mm, and the combination of medium crushing ore discharge and fine crushing ore discharge forms a vibrating screen. The products on the screen are placed into two short cone crushers for fine crushing, forming a closed circuit with the vibrating screen. The products below the screen are placed in the powder ore warehouse.

② The grinding process of the ball mill lead-zinc ore beneficiation method.

There are a total of 5 conical ball mills, of which 4 are closed to the grading mechanism and 1 is closed to the high weir single spiral grading mechanism. The processing capacity of the ball mill is 17.5 tons per unit. The overflow concentration of the classifier is 40-50%, with a particle size of 50% -0.074 millimeters.

③ Flotation machine - lead zinc ore flotation process.

Flotation adopts a mixed flotation process with two systems. The first system is rough selection, the third sweeping selection, the second selection, and processing the slurry volume of three ball mills. The second flotation system is rough selection, second sweep selection, second selection, second selection, third selection, and third selection. When all five ball mills are running, open two mixed flotation systems, usually only three ball mills and a very suitable flotation system;

④ Spiral classifier - lead zinc ore beneficiation method classification process.

The mixed concentrate is graded through a Hydrocyclone, the grit is re fed into the ball mill, and the overflow with a particle size of 90% -0.074mm is re fed into the lead roughing. Select lead homework as the rough selection, scan three times, and select four times. Selecting tailings for back grinding at once. For the third time, tailings were selected for zinc sulfur separation. Zinc sulfur separation adopts rough selection, three selection, and four selection. The fourth concentrate is zinc concentrate, and the third tailings are sulfur concentrate.

⑤ Tailings treatment - Lead zinc ore beneficiation method Tailings treatment process.

The third sweep of mixed flotation tailings is tailings;

⑥ Thickener - Lead zinc ore beneficiation dehydration process.

The foam of lead, zinc and sulfur concentrates enters the thickener for dehydration. After the concentration of lead and zinc concentrates, they are respectively filtered through vacuum filters. The sulfur concentrate enters the vacuum filter for filtration.

Composition of lead-zinc ore beneficiation equipment

The technical equipment for lead-zinc beneficiation mainly includes: PE series jaw crusher, medium and fine cone crusher, ball mill (lattice type, overflow type, rod mill, etc.) vibrating screen, classifier, mixing drum (high concentration pulp mixing drum, chemical mixing drum, etc.), flotation machine (XJK, A, SF, XCF, BF, KYF, etc.), magnetic separator (dry and wet), thickener, vacuum filter press, dryer, Rotary kiln, belt conveyor and other auxiliary technical equipment for lead-zinc beneficiation.

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