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Mineral processing equipment for placer gold mines

Mineral processing equipment for placer gold mines

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What are the components of Mineral processing equipment for placer gold mines:

Shakers, sticky gold chutes, centrifugal concentrators, jigs, drum chutes, drum screens (or cylindrical washing machines), etc. The specific equipment for placer gold ore beneficiation needs to be configured according to the customer's determined placer gold ore beneficiation process. Welcome to inquire and provide free process plans and equipment quotations.

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Mineral processing equipment for placer gold mines introduce:

At present, the mainstream beneficiation technology for gold ore is generally broken by a crusher, which then enters a ball mill for crushing. Through gravity separation and flotation, the concentrate and tailings are extracted, followed by chemical methods and finally smelting. The product ultimately becomes finished gold. Jaw crushers are mostly used for coarse crushing, cone crushers are used for medium crushing, and cone crushers and double roll crushers are used for fine crushing. Small and medium-sized gold concentrators often use a two-stage closed circuit crushing process, while large gold concentrators use a three-stage closed circuit crushing process. In order to improve production and equipment utilization, mineral processing plants generally follow the principle of more crushing and less grinding, reducing the particle size of the ore being ground.

1、 Flotation equipment for vein gold mines.

Flotation beneficiation and Gravity separation is commonly used in vein gold mines. At present, the flotation machine commonly used in gold beneficiation plants in China is a domestically produced mechanical stirring flotation machine.

The flotation equipment mainly consists of flotation machines and other equipment used to achieve flotation processes. After the slurry is stirred and inflated, the ore particles adhere to the bubbles under the action of various flotation agents, and the bubbles rise. The formation of mineralized foam layer is scraped out or overflowed by scraper. This series of flotation processes is completed in a flotation machine. Flotation machines are mostly composed of multiple tanks connected in series.

In most cases, the flotation method is used to treat highly complex sulfide minerals containing gold ore, and the effect is considerable. Due to the fact that flotation can not only enrich gold to a greater extent into sulfide mineral concentrates, but also dispose of tailings, resulting in low beneficiation costs.

The flotation method is also used to treat multi metal gold containing ores such as gold copper, gold lead, gold antimony, gold copper lead zinc sulfur, etc. For this type of ore, flotation method can effectively identify and select various gold bearing sulfide concentrates, which is conducive to the comprehensive recovery of mineral resources.

2、 Gravity separation equipment for placer gold mines.

Gold placers often use heavy beneficiation. The main equipment for selecting gold is various forms of chutes, jigs, and shakers.

1.Jigging gold selection method:

It is a gold selection process using a jig as the gold selection equipment. Jigs are a commonly used gravity separation equipment with a wide range of types.

Principle: When the eccentric transmission mechanism drives the diaphragm to move back and forth, the vertical alternating pulsating water flow generated by indoor water passing through the screen is generated. The selected material is sent to the bed to form a particle system with the ore and water on the bed. When the water flows upwards, the particles become loose and suspended. At this point, minerals of different weights and sizes settle at different speeds, and high-density coarse particles (bed stones) settle in the lower layer. When the water flow decreases, it generates suction, and minerals with high density and small particle size enter the lower layer through the bed gap.

2. Shaker gold selection method: 

The shaker gold selection method is a gold selection process using a shaker as the main equipment. A shaker is a device for beneficiation in a horizontal medium flow, consisting of a bed surface and a transmission mechanism, which drives longitudinal reciprocating motion. During the reciprocating movement of the bed surface, the sorting of the ore on the shaking table is gradually completed.

Principle: In addition to its own gravity, the main factors that promote the movement of mineral particles are flushing and bed surface differential. During the movement process, the influence of ore stratification perpendicular to the bed surface and separation parallel to the bed surface. The result of these two actions is the discharge of different mineral particles from different intervals of the bed surface. The shaking table can be divided into coarse sand bed (> 0.5mm), fine sand bed (0.5-0.074mm), and mud bed (0.074-0.037mm).

3. Chute gold selection method: 

Chute gold selection method is an ancient and still in use method of re selection. The main equipment for selecting gold by chute is the chute. A chute is a narrow wooden (or steel) chute with an inclination angle of 3-4 (not exceeding 14-16). The gold industry can be manufactured on-site.

The sorting principle is that after the slurry flows from the slot head to the chute, under the combined action of water flow force, ore particle gravity (or centrifugal force), and friction force between ore particles and the slot bottom, different densities of ore particles are separated in loose layers. The denser ore particles become concentrate at the bottom of the slot, and the smaller ones become tailings. Chutes are intermittent operations where when the concentrate at the bottom of the chute settles to a certain height, feeding is stopped and the concentrate is cleared.

Chutes are divided into coarse sand chutes and slurry chutes. The former is suitable for the treatment of coarse-grained materials, while the latter is suitable for the treatment of fine-grained materials.

Coarse grain chutes are the main equipment for ore dressing in placer gold mines, widely used on land and on gold mining ships. Large chutes on land are generally around 15 meters long, while gold mining boats are generally 4-6 meters long.

4. Spiral concentrator gold beneficiation method: 

Spiral concentrator gold beneficiation method is a inclined trough beneficiation equipment that utilizes the comprehensive effects of gravity, friction, centrifugal force, and water flow to separate ore particles in proportion, size, and shape. Its characteristic is that the entire chute is vertically curved into a spiral shape.

The sorting process is as follows: the slurry provided above the chute flows downward in a spiral pattern along the chute. The ore particles are stratified during the flow process. Large particles with low density are distributed on the outer edge of the spiral groove, while fine particles with high density are distributed on the inner edge of the spiral groove. The heavy products after layering are discharged from the discharge port at the bottom of the inner groove, while the light products are discharged from the end of the spiral groove.

The spiral concentrator has a simple structure, convenient manufacturing, no transmission mechanism, and no power; The disadvantage is that selecting materials with a thickness of 6mm or more and a thickness of 0.05mm or less, which contain flat gangue, has a poor effect.

3. Sand gold beneficiation production line

Production line of placer gold mine chute

Application field:

The use of sticky gold chutes is the simplest gold selection method for placer gold mines, with low investment and quick results. It is suitable for mining areas with thin ore layers but high gold content.

Introduction to the production line:

Firstly, the original gold placer is fed into a drum screen (or cylindrical washing machine) through a loader to screen out large pieces of waste rock, avoiding the entry of large pieces of waste rock into the sticky gold chute and affecting its normal operation. Our drum screen (or drum washing machine) can directly remove coarse materials above 6mm, and fine sand less than 6mm enters the sticky gold chute for gold selection. The gold chute is cleaned every 2-4 hours, and the heavy sand is purified using a shaking table or mercury mixing method to obtain coarse gold.

2. Sand gold ore gravity concentration production line

Application Description:

The beneficiation of placer gold is relatively simple, usually through screening, gravity separation, and selection to obtain high-quality gold. But the content of gold in placer gold is very limited, how can we ensure the return on investment of gold selection operations? This requires the use of efficient, energy-saving, large processing capacity, and high recovery rate placer gold beneficiation process and equipment.


Introduction to the production line:

We adopt a process flow of jig roughing, centrifuge sweeping, shaking table and mixed mercury method for beneficiation. While ensuring a large processing capacity, we also need to ensure a recovery rate. Only in this way can we ensure the economic benefits of low-grade placer gold ore beneficiation. Firstly, the original gold placer is fed into a drum screen (or cylindrical washing machine) through a loader to screen out large pieces of waste rock, avoiding the impact of large pieces of waste rock entering the jig on its normal operation. After removing large waste rocks, the fine sand enters the jigging machine for gold separation, and the coarse concentrate obtained from the jigging machine then enters the shaking table for separation to obtain the gold concentrate. The tailings from the jig enter the vibrating screen for screening, and all particles larger than 1mm are screened out to ensure that the feed particle size reaches the effective sorting particle size range of the centrifuge. The function of the centrifuge cleaning jig tailings is to improve the gold recovery rate of the entire process flow, and to recover the fine and flaky gold lost by the jig as much as possible. The concentrate of the centrifuge is mixed with mercury to extract gold through a mercury mixing cylinder, which is an internal mercury mixing equipment with a gold recovery rate of over 95%. It is one of the very ancient and practical gold extraction equipment.

The beneficiation equipment for rock gold and placer gold mainly consists of centrifugal concentrators, chutes, shakers, jigs, and cyclones, as well as cone crushers, ball mills, classifiers, flotation machines, thickeners, etc

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