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Hematite beneficiation equipment

Hematite beneficiation equipment

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What are the components of Hematite beneficiation equipment:

The equipment consists of crushers, ball mills, magnetic separators, graders, spiral chutes, shakers, thickeners, feeders, screening machines, conveyors, elevators, etc. The specific equipment for hematite beneficiation needs to be configured according to the hematite beneficiation process confirmed by the customer.

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Hematite beneficiation equipment introduce:

Hematite ore dressing equipment includes crusher, ball mill, magnetic separator, classifier, spiral chute, shaking table, thickener, and auxiliary production equipment feeder, screening machine, conveyor, elevator and other equipment. Other auxiliary production equipment can also be configured according to the specific processing needs of users. The beneficiation process of Hematite is relatively simple, especially compared with the traditional beneficiation process, the equipment required in the whole beneficiation process has been refined, and all Hematite beneficiation equipment are more professional, mechanized and systematic. The sorted Hematite ore has high grade and purity.

Beneficiation process flow of Hematite

The beneficiation process of Hematite includes crushing, grinding, classification, magnetic separation, flotation, concentration and other links. The newly mined Hematite ore has a large particle size and needs to be crushed to small particles with a crusher. Only by crushing to a qualified particle size can the next process proceed. The qualified crushed stone is transported to the ball mill by the conveying device, and the feeding device is used for the ball mill. The ball mill uses a spiral classifier to grind Hematite. With the promotion of spiral blades, it separates the suspended impurities in the pulp, cleans and classifies the mineral materials, and uses a magnetic separator to classify the iron ore materials in Hematite. At this point, the magnetic separator uses high-quality refined iron ore and concentrates or dries it with a thickener. Both methods remove moisture from the concentrate and collect the concentrate.

Advantages of Hematite beneficiation process

1. The equipment configuration is reasonable and scientific, and the whole set of Hematite beneficiation process has less investment and short recovery cycle;

2. The Hematite beneficiation process is environmentally friendly and energy-saving in operation, with a high degree of automation, which can bring unexpected economic benefits to users;

3. Compared with the traditional beneficiation process, the Hematite beneficiation method improves the beneficiation efficiency on the one hand, and improves the beneficiation accuracy on the other hand.

The Hematite beneficiation process is the process of using a series of beneficiation equipment to conduct magnetic separation of iron ore to treat the beneficiation concentrate. The design of the production line of Hematite beneficiation method has passed strict test and practice, and the production capacity can also meet the needs of users. The beneficiation concentrate has high grade, which has brought considerable economic benefits to users

Advantages of Jinqiang's complete set of Hematite beneficiation equipment

Low power consumption of the equipment, reasonable motor of each equipment, ensuring high production operation of the equipment and not causing excessive energy waste

Less water resources are discharged in the beneficiation process, which can realize water Recycling and save production costs

The complete set of equipment has high processing capacity, reliable working performance, and high operation yield, ensuring a large processing capacity of the production line

The whole set of Hematite beneficiation equipment is compact in structure and reasonable in layout, which is convenient for material circulation and personnel operation.

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