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Strong magnetic machine

Strong magnetic machine

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Strong magnetic machine equipment details:

1、 Structural composition

The dry roller type strong magnetic machine is mainly composed of magnetic rollers, induction unloading rollers, weak magnetic feeding barrels, feeding hoppers, receiving hoppers, and other parts. The two magnetic rollers of the dry roller type strong magnetic machine are arranged relative to each other, forming a closed magnetic circuit. Each magnetic roller consists of three magnetic poles and two permanent magnet blocks. The middle magnetic pole is 200mm wide, and the magnetic poles at both ends are 100mm wide. The magnetic pole and permanent magnet block are assembled on a non magnetic stainless steel shaft. The size of the gap between the two magnetic rollers of the dry roller type strong magnetic machine can be changed by the pole distance adjustment mechanism installed in the middle of the two magnetic roller bearing seats. The magnetic rollers are driven by motors through worm gear reduction mechanisms and rotate relative to each other. The induction unloading roller is made of industrial pure iron, and its surface is processed into prismatic protrusions.

2、 Working principle

The separation process of a strong magnetic iron suction machine involves feeding the material from the upper ore hopper to the weak magnetic ore cylinder, and selecting the strong magnetic ore particles. Then, the non magnetic ore particles in the three high magnetic field zones between the two magnetic rollers are fed through the ore separation tank and adjustable feeding hopper, which are not affected by magnetic force and fall directly into the tailings hopper under the action of gravity. Magnetic ore particles are attracted to the magnetic roller by magnetic force and rotate together. As the angle of the magnetic roller changes, the magnetic field strength gradually weakens, and different magnetic particles fall into the middle ore hopper and concentrate hopper successively. The strong magnetic iron suction machine finally absorbs a small amount of magnetic minerals on the magnetic roller, which are removed by the induction roller.

3、 Applicable scope

This strong magnetic iron suction machine is suitable for sorting materials with a particle size of less than 3 millimeters and containing various magnetic minerals.

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