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Slag treatment of domestic Incineration power plant

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Slag treatment of domestic Incineration power plant

With the acceleration of urbanization, the treatment of household waste is becoming increasingly prominent. At present, the treatment methods for household waste are mainly divided into landfill and incineration. Power plants that burn household waste also produce a byproduct called slag while processing waste. So, what should be done to dispose the slag of domestic Incineration power plant? Next, we will introduce some operational steps to you.

1、 Basic situation of slag of domestic Incineration power plant

In domestic Incineration power plants, slag is a solid waste formed by melting impurities and ash in fuel at high temperature during combustion. The color of slag is usually black or dark gray, with a certain degree of hardness and toughness. The composition of slag is relatively complex, mainly including inorganic and organic substances.

2、 Methods of Slag Treatment in Domestic Incineration Power Plant

1. Landfill

The slag can be disposed of through landfill. The specific operation steps are as follows:

(1) Load the slag into a transportation vehicle and transport it to the designated landfill site.

(2) Select a suitable area within the landfill and pour the slag into the pit.

(3) Flatten the surface of the slag to form a moderately thick covering layer.

(4) Close the landfill site to avoid secondary pollution of slag.

生活垃圾焚烧电厂炉渣处理2. Recycling

Slag can also be recycled and utilized through the following methods:

(1) Cement products

Mix slag with cement to produce cement products, such as road bricks, wall bricks, etc.

生活垃圾焚烧电厂炉渣处理 (2) Roadbed materials

生活垃圾焚烧电厂炉渣处理 Mix slag with materials such as slag and limestone to make roadbed materials for highway construction.

(3) Filler material

Mix slag with materials such as sand and crushed stones to make filling materials, which are used to fill voids in foundations or buildings.

3、 Advantages and disadvantages of slag treatment in domestic Incineration power plants

1. Advantages

(1) Landfill treatment can reduce the pollution of slag to the environment.

(2) Recycling can reduce the operating cost of domestic Incineration power plants.

2. Disadvantages

生活垃圾焚烧电厂炉渣处理 (1) Landfill treatment will occupy a large amount of land resources.

(2) Recycling requires certain technical and financial support.

4、 Conclusion

Slag treatment of domestic Incineration power plant is a complex problem, which needs our constant exploration and innovation. While disposing of the slag, we also need to pay attention to the environmental protection of the domestic Incineration power plant and take effective measures to reduce the impact on the environment.

Slag treatment of domestic Incineration power plant
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