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Zircon gravity beneficiation equipment

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Zircon gravity beneficiation equipment

Zircon is an important industrial raw material widely used in fields such as ceramics, electronics, and chemical engineering. In order to improve the quality of zircon and improve production efficiency, zircon gravity beneficiation equipment is widely used. This article will introduce the working principle, advantages, and operating steps of zircon gravity beneficiation equipment during the beneficiation process.

1、 Working principle

Zircon gravity beneficiation equipment is a device that separates ores through the action of gravity. Its working principle is to separate minerals with different densities in the ore through the action of gravity. Zircon gravity beneficiation equipment mainly includes shaking tables, spiral sorting machines, centrifuges, and other equipment. Among them, a shaker is one of the most commonly used equipment.

The working principle of a shaker is to separate the ore under the action of gravity by shaking the bed surface. The bed surface of a shaking table consists of two parts: an inclined surface and a flat surface. The inclined surface is used to separate lighter minerals, while the flat surface is used to separate heavier minerals. After the ore is separated on a shaking table, lighter minerals are taken away, while heavier minerals are deposited on the bed surface.

2、 Advantages

Zircon gravity beneficiation equipment has the following advantages:

1. Good beneficiation effect: Zircon gravity beneficiation equipment can effectively separate minerals with different densities in the ore, improving the quality of the ore.

2. Simple operation: The operation of the zircon gravity beneficiation equipment is very simple, just follow the operating steps.

3. Easy maintenance: The zircon gravity beneficiation equipment has a simple structure and is easy to maintain.

3、 Operating Steps

The operating steps of the 锆石重力选矿设备 zircon gravity beneficiation equipment are as follows:

1. Preparation work: Before feeding the ore that needs to be beneficiated into the beneficiation equipment, it is necessary to crush and screen the ore to ensure the appropriate particle size.

2. Adjusting equipment: Adjust the parameters of the equipment, such as the swing and frequency of the shaking table, based on the properties of the ore and the beneficiation requirements.

3. Adding ore: Add the processed ore to the beneficiation equipment.

4. Mineral separation: Mineral separation is carried out in beneficiation equipment, and appropriate equipment is selected for separation based on the properties of the ore and beneficiation requirements.

锆石重力选矿设备5. Collecting minerals: The separated minerals need to be collected, which can be done manually or mechanically.

6. Cleaning equipment: After the beneficiation process is completed, it is necessary to clean the equipment to ensure its normal use.


Zircon gravity beneficiation equipment is a very important beneficiation equipment, which has the advantages of good beneficiation effect, simple operation, and convenient maintenance. During the beneficiation process, steps such as crushing, screening, adjusting equipment, adding ore, separating minerals, collecting minerals, and cleaning equipment are required. When using zircon gravity beneficiation equipment, adjustments need to be made based on the properties of the ore and beneficiation requirements to achieve the best beneficiation effect.

锆石重力选矿设备 Zircon gravity beneficiation equipment
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