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Domestic Incineration slag metal

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Domestic Incineration slag metal

With the acceleration of urbanization, people's living standards are also constantly improving, but with this change, the problem of garbage is also becoming increasingly serious. In order to solve this problem, local governments have invested a lot of money to build Incineration plants to reduce the amount of garbage by burning garbage. However, burning garbage also generates a large amount of slag and metal, and how to treat these wastes has become an urgent problem to be solved.

生活垃圾焚烧炉渣金属 I. Working principle of domestic Incineration

The domestic Incineration is a kind of equipment that can burn garbage into ashes. By burning garbage at high temperature, it can convert organic substances into water and carbon dioxide, and at the same time, it can convert inorganic substances into slag. Slag is a substance similar to stone, mainly composed of minerals and glass, commonly used for landfill cover and road construction.

2、 Classification of slag

Slag can be divided into two types, one is non hazardous waste and the other is hazardous waste. Non hazardous waste is mainly composed of minerals and glass, and will not have a significant impact on the environment. Hazardous waste includes heavy metals, organic substances, etc. If not properly treated, it can cause great harm to the environment and human health.

3、 Treatment method of slag

1. Landfill: Landfill is a common treatment method that buries slag directly underground and covers it with a layer of soil to isolate it from the environment. However, landfill will occupy a large amount of land resources, and if the management of the landfill site is not proper, it can cause serious pollution to the surrounding environment.

2. Recycling: The slag contains a certain amount of metal, which can be turned into treasure through recycling. At present, some domestic and foreign enterprises specialize in extracting metals from slag, which can reduce the consumption of natural resources and also reduce environmental pollution.

3. Incineration: The organic matter in the slag has been incinerated, so incineration of the slag will not have a significant impact on the environment. However, incineration of slag can also produce harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, which, if not treated, can cause pollution to the atmospheric environment.

4、 Conclusion

生活垃圾焚烧炉渣金属 The slag metal of domestic Incineration is a complex problem, which needs the joint efforts of the government and enterprises to solve. The government should strengthen the supervision of Incineration plants to ensure that their operation meets environmental standards. Enterprises should also actively explore the recycling and utilization of slag to reduce the consumption of natural resources. Only in this way can we achieve the goals of waste reduction and resource utilization, and contribute to the sustainable development of the Earth.

生活垃圾焚烧炉渣金属 Domestic Incineration slag metal
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