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Gravity beneficiation test of titanium sand ore

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Gravity beneficiation test of titanium sand ore

Titanium placer is an important mineral resource widely used in aviation, aerospace, military, chemical and other fields. The beneficiation technology of titanium sand ore has always been one of the key research areas in the mining industry. Among numerous beneficiation technologies, gravity beneficiation technology is highly favored by mining workers due to its advantages such as simplicity, ease of operation, and good results. This article will introduce the gravity beneficiation experiment of titanium sand ore to help readers better understand and master this technology.

1、 Experimental principle

Gravity beneficiation is a physical beneficiation method that utilizes the different characteristics of materials in the gravity field for separation. The minerals in the titanium placer mainly include Rutile, Magnetite, Ilmenite, etc. Their specific gravity in the gravity field is different, so they can be separated by gravity beneficiation.

2、 Test steps

1. Sample preparation

Firstly, it is necessary to prepare titanium sand ore samples, which require drying, sieving, and particle size between 0.5 and 1.0mm. Then, divide the sample into different weight ratios for subsequent testing.

2. Test equipment

Gravity beneficiation experiments require the use of a gravity concentrator, which generally uses equipment such as a spiral separator, a centrifugal separator, and a chute separator. Taking the spiral sorting machine as an example, the experimental steps are introduced here.

3. Test operation

Firstly, place the prepared sample evenly into the spiral sorting machine. Then, turn on the device and adjust its speed and angle to achieve the best separation effect. During the experiment, the equipment parameters can be adjusted as needed to achieve the best separation effect.

4. Result analysis

After the experiment, it is necessary to analyze the separated material. The experimental effect can be evaluated through indicators such as weight ratio and grade. At the same time, it is also necessary to record the parameters during the experimental process for subsequent optimization and improvement.

钛砂矿重力选矿试验 III. Precautions

1. The sample preparation requirements are strict and free of impurities and moisture.

During the testing process, attention should be paid to the safe operation of the equipment to avoid accidents.

After the experiment, the equipment needs to be cleaned and maintained for future use.

4、 Summary

Gravity beneficiation technology is an important method in titanium sand ore beneficiation, and experiments can better understand and master this technology. In actual production, it is necessary to optimize and improve according to specific circumstances to achieve the best separation effect.

钛砂矿重力选矿试验 Gravity beneficiation test of titanium sand ore
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