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Zircon beneficiation test

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Zircon beneficiation test

Zircon is an important Rare-earth mineral, which is widely used in aerospace, electronics, optics and other fields. Zircon beneficiation refers to the process of extracting and separating zircon through physical and chemical methods. This article will introduce the steps and precautions of zircon beneficiation test.

1、 Test steps

1. Sample preparation: Crush and grind the zircon ore to prepare a sample that meets the test requirements.

2. Magnetic separation test: The sample is subjected to magnetic separation using a magnetic separator to remove magnetic minerals from it.

3. Re-selection test: The samples after magnetic separation are re selected using a gravity separator to separate zircon minerals.

4. Flotation test: The re selected zircon mineral is subjected to flotation using a flotation machine to separate the zircon concentrate.

5. Ammonium sulfate decomposition test: decompose zircon concentrate through ammonium sulfate to obtain zircon concentrate and silicate.

6. Fluoride decomposition test: Zirconium iron concentrate is decomposed by fluoride to obtain zirconium powder.

2、 Precautions

Attention should be paid to the particle size and content of the ore during sample preparation.

2. During the magnetic separation test, appropriate magnetic separators should be selected to control the magnetic field strength and flow rate.

3. During the re selection test, an appropriate re selection machine should be selected to control the water flow speed and inclination angle.

4. When conducting flotation tests, appropriate flotation machines should be selected to control the type and dosage of reagents.

During the ammonium sulfate decomposition test, attention should be paid to the decomposition temperature and time, and the amount of ammonium sulfate should be controlled.

6. During the fluoride decomposition test, attention should be paid to the decomposition temperature and time, and the amount of fluoride should be controlled.

3、 Summary

The 锆英选矿试验 zircon beneficiation test is an important process for zircon extraction and separation, which requires mastering certain experimental steps and precautions. Through the introduction of this article, it is believed that readers have already understood the basic process and key points of zircon beneficiation experiments, hoping to be helpful to zircon beneficiation workers.

锆英选矿试验 Zircon beneficiation test
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