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Scheelite gravity concentration technology

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Scheelite gravity concentration technology

Scheelite is an important nonferrous metal ore. Due to its wide application in metallurgy, electronics, chemical industry and other fields, its demand is increasing year by year. However, the resource reserves of Scheelite are limited and mining is difficult. Therefore, how to improve the beneficiation recovery of Scheelite has become one of the research focuses. This paper will introduce a new type of Scheelite gravity concentration technology to improve the mineral processing recovery of Scheelite.

白钨矿重选技术 I. Gravity concentration technology of Scheelite

The gravity concentration technology of Scheelite refers to the process of separating and purifying scheelite through physical and chemical methods. The traditional gravity separation technology of Scheelite mainly includes heavy medium beneficiation, flotation, gravity beneficiation and magnetic separation. However, these methods have some drawbacks, such as low beneficiation recovery rate, high cost, and complex operation.

白钨矿重选技术 II. New gravity concentration technology of Scheelite

白钨矿重选技术 In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, new Scheelite gravity concentration technologies have emerged. Among them, a new Scheelite gravity separation technology is based on the X-ray separation principle. The technology uses the high energy of X-ray and the difference of Atomic number in ore to separate different components.

The operating steps of this technology are as follows:

1. The scheelite sample is made into 2-5mm particles.

2. Put scheelite samples into the X-ray separator and scan the samples with X-ray.

3. According to the scanning results, the sample is divided into different components, such as tungsten ore, quartz, Calcite, etc.

4. Further separation and purification of different components.

This technology has the advantages of high beneficiation recovery rate, simple operation, and low cost. At the same time, this technology can also be used for sorting other metal ores, and has broad application prospects.

3、 Conclusion

The gravity concentration technology of Scheelite is the key to improve the recovery rate of Scheelite. The traditional Scheelite gravity concentration technology has some disadvantages, while the new Scheelite gravity concentration technology has the advantages of high ore dressing recovery, simple operation and low cost. Therefore, this technology is expected to become the mainstream technology for Scheelite beneficiation and recovery in the future.

Scheelite gravity concentration technology
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