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Spiral chute direct pin

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Spiral chute direct pin

Introduction to spiral chute direct sales. The spiral chute combines the characteristics of the spiral concentrator, gravity beneficiation spiral chute, shaking table and centrifugal concentrator. Through the scientific research organized by the Ministry of Metallurgy, the operation appraisal of the design, colleges and universities, this beneficiation enterprise and other units, it is recognized that this kind of machine has excellent performance, advanced beneficiation goals, and has won the scientific and technological research achievement award of the Ministry of Metallurgy Industry. It has been used in a lot of non-ferrous and Ferrous mines. This machine is suitable for separating iron ore, ilmenite, ferrochrome, pyrite, zircon, Rutile, monazite, phosphate, tungsten, tin placer, tantalite, niobium ore and other nonferrous metals, rare mineral metals and nonferrous metal minerals with gravity difference from small materials with Granularity of 0.3-0.02 mm. 2、 The working principle is that the ore slurry is slowly fed onto the rotating groove surface through the feeding chute installed at the beginning of the spiral groove, and sorting is carried out. The tail end of the spiral groove is equipped with a valve block type product acquisition groove, and the selected equipment is divided into three types according to grade along the radial direction. By adjusting the orientation of the valve block to change the cutting width of each product, the equipment gathering hopper enables the selected multi-directional mineral flow to be densely led out. The transverse surface of the fiberglass chute has different slopes, which is very suitable for the separation of fine mineral particles. 螺旋溜槽直销 spiral chute direct sales 3. Characteristics: FRP chute is particularly concerned in many gravity beneficiation equipment because of its low power consumption, simple structure, small area occupied, simple operation, stable beneficiation, clear screening minerals, no need for moving parts, easy maintenance and management, and large production capacity per unit area. The machinery has a relatively wide and stable groove surface, and the area where mortar flows in a laminar flow is larger, making it more suitable for processing medium to fine (-4MM) sized ores. We have produced spiral concentrators with diameters of 400, 600, 900, and 1200 millimeters domestically, Ф The output of 1200mm four heads is approximately 4-6 tons per hour. Spiral chute direct sales 螺旋溜槽直销 IV. Classification. According to the particle size of the processed mineral aggregate, the chute can be divided into three types: (1) coarse spiral chute, the maximum Granularity of the feeding is more than 2-3mm, and the maximum can be 100-200mm. (2) Mineral sand chute, processing 2-3MM particle grade mineral aggregate. (3) The spiral chute of the ore slurry has a feeding particle size of less than 0.074 millimeters. 5、 The operating principle of the iron spiral chute in the application field. The spiral concentrator is applicable to the separation of fine grained iron ore, Ilmenite, Chromite, pyrite, placer tin ore, tantalum niobium ore, placer gold, coal mine, monazite, Rutile, zircon sand, rare earth ore and other metal and nonferrous metal minerals with sufficient density and specific gravity difference. Spiral chute direct sales 螺旋溜槽直销 Spiral chute direct sales

Spiral chute direct pin
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