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There are spiral chutes in China

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There are spiral chutes in China

There are spiral chutes in China. Overview. Spiral chute gravity beneficiation is widely used in metal and non-metallic ore beneficiation in China due to its low environmental pollution and low cost. The fiberglass spiral chute is a type of gravity separation equipment, with a structural feature of a cubic parabolic cross-section. It is suitable for processing finer particles up to -0.2MM in size. During the selection process, there is no need to add water for flushing, and fine, medium, and tailings are segmented at the end of the chute. 2、 Apply techniques. There are spiral chutes in China where the FRP spiral chute is erected, the vertical line is calibrated, an iron frame or wood is used to locate the appropriate position, the sand pump is used to send the mineral sand to the two feeding ports on the spiral head, to participate in the replenishment of water, and to mobilize the density of mineral mortar. The mineral slurry naturally swirls from high to low, and there is a coherent centrifugal force in the flow speed of the whirling inclined plane, which is different in the specific gravity, Granularity, and shape of the sand ore, By utilizing the gravity of the swirling flow and the centrifugal force, the sand and ore are separated, and the selected ore enters the concentrate hopper and is piped out. The tailings are discharged into the tailings hopper and moved to the sand tank through a pipeline, and then discharged by a sand pump, completing the entire beneficiation process. There are spiral chutes in China with three characteristics. The spiral chute has attracted more attention among various gravity separation machines due to its low power consumption, simple structure, small land occupation, simple operation, stable beneficiation, clear ore separation, no moving parts, convenient Computerized maintenance management system, large single area processing capacity, etc. The machine has a wide or gentle groove surface, and the area where the mortar flows in laminar flow is large, which is more suitable for processing medium and fine (-4MM) Granularity ores. Spiral concentrators with diameters of 400, 600, 900, and 1200mm have been produced domestically, Ф The production capacity of 1200mm four heads is about 4-6 T/H. There are spiral chutes 中国那里有螺旋溜槽 in China. 4. The chutes can be divided into three categories according to the Granularity of the processed mineral materials: (1) coarse particle spiral chutes. The maximum particle size of ore feeding is more than 2-3mm, and the maximum can be 100-200mm. (2) Sand ore chute, handling 2-3MM sized ore., There are spiral chutes (3) slime chutes in China, and the feeding Granularity is less than 0.074mm. 5、 Purpose. This equipment is used to separate iron ore, ilmenite, ferrochrome, ferrosulfide, zircon, Rutile, monazite, phosgenite, wolframite, sand tin, tantalum niobium ore, niobium and other non-ferrous metals, rare mineral metals and this non gold mineral due to the difference in density and specific gravity. There are spiral chutes in China, 中国那里有螺旋溜槽

中国那里有螺旋溜槽 There are spiral chutes in China
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