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Price quotation of fiberglass spiral chute

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Price quotation of fiberglass spiral chute

Price quotation of fiberglass spiral chute 1. Explanation. The chute sorting includes a slope flow sorting process. Mineral mortar is fed to some inclined grooves or slopes, and under the push of water, the mineral particle group becomes loose and layered. The upper layer of light mineral quickly flows out of the groove, while the lower layer of heavy mineral material stays in the groove or is discharged from the bottom at low speed. After being collected, the selected ore and tailings are obtained. Spiral chutes are mining and beneficiation machines, especially ideal for sand mining on coasts, rivers, beaches, and streams. The equipment has the characteristics of suitable structure, simple installation, small land occupation, simple operation, stable beneficiation, clear ore separation, large processing volume, high efficiency, high concentration of beneficiation, high recovery rate, and reliable operation. There are also advantages such as small weight, moisture prevention, rust prevention, less corrosion resistance, and strong adaptability to fluctuations in ore feed volume, concentration, particle size, and grade. 2、 The spiral chute shall be set up by means of method, the vertical line shall be calibrated, the iron frame or wood shall be used to stabilize at the appropriate position, the sand ore shall be transported to the two ore feeding ports on the spiral roof by the slurry pump, the water shall be added, the concentration of mineral slurry shall be adjusted, the slurry shall naturally rotate from high to low, and a single coherent centrifugal force shall be generated in the rotating slope flow speed, and the difference in density, specific gravity, Granularity and morphology of the sand ore shall be obtained, Through the gravity and centrifugal force of the swirling flow, the sand and ore are separated. The selected ore is discharged into the concentrate hopper and connected out through pipelines. The tailings flow into the tailings hopper and are moved to the sand pit through pipelines. Then, they are discharged by a mortar pump, completing the entire beneficiation process. 玻璃钢螺旋溜槽价格行情 Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Spiral Chute Price Market 3. Features 1. Stable sorting process, easy to operate 2. Wide range of allowable changes in feed density 3. Ultra high enrichment ratio, high recycling rate, 4. Small occupation area and low water consumption. Spiral Chute Coal Washing Use Video. Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Spiral Chute Price Market 5. Simple structure, no power required 6. Strong processing ability 7. Easy installation and operation 8 The price of fiberglass spiral chute with low investment and quick results is 玻璃钢螺旋溜槽价格行情. 4. Structure composition. The fiberglass chute is composed of six parts, including a feeding homogenizer, a feeding trough, a rotating trough, a product cutting trough, an equipment gathering hopper, and a trough bracket (including a cross or triangular frame). The spiral groove formed by connecting the spiral pieces is the main component. The rotating plate is made of fiberglass (fiber reinforced coal gangue) and is bolted together. The rotating groove has a durable wear-resistant layer made in advance on each side. It has the advantages of light weight, firmness, and durability, which are not easy to damage consumer goods. The head of the spiral groove is equipped with a multi tube feeding homogenizer for ore dressing and averaging, which is easy to control. The sorting machine does not need to be placed on the cross (or tripod) of the support table. The evenly divided mineral mortar is slowly fed to the spiral groove surface through the feeding groove on the rotating groove head for sorting. The tail end of the rotating groove is equipped with a valve block type new equipment selection groove, which will classify the selected new products into three (or four) new products according to grade along the radial direction. To adjust the orientation of the valve block and change the width of each new equipment, it is necessary to cut it off. The new product gathering bucket is a concentric circular tube that allows the obtained multi-directional mineral flow to be densely drawn out. The horizontal plane of the spiral concentrator and the slope change of the curve are extremely suitable for the separation of small particle ore materials. 5、 Field of adoption. Spiral chutes are suitable for processing 0.6-0.03 millimeters or vein ore and this sand ore, but high mud content is unfavorable for sorting. Currently, it has been widely used for processing iron ore, tungsten, tin placer, tantalum niobium ore, bay and riverbank placer or placer gold, and so on. Price quotation of fiberglass spiral chute 玻璃钢螺旋溜槽价格行情 Price quotation of fiberglass spiral chute

Price quotation of fiberglass spiral chute
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