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Basis for selecting spiral chutes

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Basis for selecting spiral chutes

The basis for selecting a spiral chute is to introduce the beneficiation chute, including the inclined flow separation process. Mineral mortar is applied to a partially inclined chute or inclined surface. With the assistance of flowing water, the mineral particle group is not tightly fastened and layered. The upper part of the light mineral material quickly flows out of the groove, while the lower part of the heavy mineral material stagnates in the inner groove or slowly flows out from the lower part. After distinguishing and connecting, the concentrate and tailings can be obtained. Spiral chutes are machinery for mining and beneficiation, especially ideal for sand mining in coastal areas, riverbanks, sandbanks, and streams. The product also has the characteristics of reasonable structure, simple installation, small land occupation, simple operation, stable beneficiation, clear screening of ore, large production capacity, high efficiency, high beneficiation enrichment ratio, high recovery probability, and stable operation. It has the advantages of light weight, moisture prevention, rust prevention, strong corrosion resistance, and strong applicability to feed volume and density, Granularity, and grade fluctuation. 2、 The uniform mortar is slowly fed onto the rotating groove surface through the feeding chute installed at the head of the spiral groove for selection. The tail of the spiral groove is equipped with a valve type product acquisition groove, which divides the sorting equipment into three categories according to grade along the radial direction. By adjusting the orientation of the valve block to change the cutting width of each equipment, the product gathering hopper enables the selected multi head ore flow to be densely led out. The transverse section of the fiberglass chute has a change in the slope of the curve, which is particularly suitable for the selection of fine-grained materials. The third reason for choosing a spiral chute is based on its low power consumption, simple structure, small footprint, easy operation, stable beneficiation, clear ore separation, no need for moving parts, convenient maintenance and management, and high output per unit area. Fiberglass reinforced plastic chutes have attracted special attention among various gravity ore selection machines due to their characteristics. The machinery has a relatively wide and stable groove surface, and the mineral mortar exhibits a large area of laminar flow, making it more suitable for processing medium to fine (-4mm) sized ores. We have made spiral chutes with diameters of 400, 600, 900, and 1200 millimeters domestically, Ф The processing capacity of 1200MM four head is about 4-6 T/H. Basis for selecting spiral chute 选择螺旋溜槽的依据 IV. The chute can be divided into three types according to the particle size of processed mineral materials: (1) Coarse chute. The maximum Granularity of ore feeding is more than 2-3 mm, and the maximum can be 100-200 mm. (2) The ore chute handles 2-3 millimeter sized ores. (3) Slurry spiral chute, feeding particle size < 0.074mm. 5、 Use This machine is suitable for separating small materials with a particle size of 0.3-0.02mm to obtain iron ore, ilmenite, Chromite, pyrite, zircon, Rutile ore, monazite ore, phosphorus, tungsten ore, tin ore, tantalum niobium ore, tantalum niobium ore and other non-ferrous metal ores, rare mineral metals and non-metallic mineral bodies with gravity differences. Basis for selecting spiral chutes 选择螺旋溜槽的依据 Basis for selecting spiral chutes

选择螺旋溜槽的依据 Basis for selecting spiral chutes
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