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Can spiral chutes be designed with a self flow process

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Can spiral chutes be designed with a self flow process

Can spiral chutes be designed for self flow processes? 1. Introduction: Fiberglass reinforced plastic spiral chutes summarize the characteristics of gravity separation spiral chutes, spiral chutes, shakers, and centrifuges for mineral processing. After being evaluated by relevant scientific research, design, school, and concentrator units organized by the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, it is believed that this machine has excellent performance, advanced sorting objectives, and has been awarded the Science and Technology Research Achievement Award by the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry Black mining metals are widely used. This product is suitable for separating fine materials with Granularity of 0.3-0.02mm to obtain iron, ferrotitanium ore, chromite ore, pyrite, zircon ore, Rutile ore, monazite ore, phosphorus, tungsten sand, tin ore, tantalum niobium, tantalum niobium ore and other non-ferrous metal ores, rare mineral metals or non-metallic mineral bodies with gravity differences. 2、 Production principle: The spiral mineral separator is not limited to placing on the cross (or tripod) of the support table. The uniform slurry is slowly fed to the rotating groove surface through the feeding groove installed at the head of the spiral groove for sorting. A valve type product selection slot is installed at the tail, allowing the selection equipment to be divided into three (or four) categories according to grade along the radial direction. Adjust the orientation of the valve block to obtain the width of each device. The product gathering bucket is a concentric circular tube that distinguishes and densely draws out the intercepted multi-directional mineral flow. The transverse surface of the fiberglass spiral chute and the slope change of the curve are particularly suitable for the selection of fine particle materials. Can a 螺旋溜槽可以设计自流流程吗 spiral chute be designed with a gravity flow process? 3. Advantages and characteristics: 1. Stable, easy to control, and a relatively large concentration range. 2. The production and processing capacity of mineral materials is strong, with high enrichment and high recovery rate. 3. It takes up little space, consumes little water, has a simple structure, and does not require power. 4. Installation is simple, easy to operate, with minimal investment and fast efficiency recovery. The spiral chute can be designed with a gravity flow process. (2) Sand ore chute, processing 2-3 millimeter sized ore. (3) Slime spiral chute, feeding Granularity<0.074MM. 5、 Scope of application Spiral concentrator is suitable for separating fine grained iron ore, Ilmenite, Chromite, pyrite, placer tin, tantalum niobium ore, placer gold, coal, monazite ore, Rutile ore, zircon sand, rare earth ore or other metal and non-metallic ore with sufficient gravity difference. Can a spiral chute design a self flow process? 螺旋溜槽可以设计自流流程吗 Can a spiral chute design a self flow process

螺旋溜槽可以设计自流流程吗 Can spiral chutes be designed with a self flow process
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