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Construction of spiral chutes

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Construction of spiral chutes

The structure of spiral chute 1. Overview: Gravity beneficiation is widely used in the beneficiation of metal and non-metallic ores due to its low environmental pollution and low cost. The fiberglass spiral chute is a type of gravity separation equipment, with a structural feature of a cubic parabolic cross-section. It is suitable for processing finer particles up to -0.2MM in size. During the selection process, there is no need to add water for flushing, and fine, medium, and tailings are segmented at the end of the chute. 2、 The method is to set up the fiberglass chute, align it with the vertical line, use an iron frame or wood to stabilize it in a suitable position, and use a sand pump to deliver the ore to the two feeding ports on the spiral top. Add water to adjust the concentration of the ore slurry, and the ore slurry will naturally rotate from top to bottom, generating a single inertial centrifugal force in the rotating slope flow rate, based on the differences in the specific gravity, particle size, and state of the sand ore, Through the action of gravity and centrifugal force generated by swirling flow, the sand and ore are separated. The concentrate flows into the beneficiation hopper and is piped out. The tailings are discharged into the tailings hopper and moved to the sand pit through a pipeline, and then discharged by a sand pump, completing the entire beneficiation process. 螺旋溜槽的构造 Structure of spiral chute III. The special spiral chute has attracted special attention in many gravity concentrators due to its low power consumption, simple structure, small floor area, simple operation, stable beneficiation, clear beneficiation, no moving parts, convenient Computerized maintenance management system, large processing capacity per area and other characteristics. The machine has a relatively wide and stable groove surface, and the mineral mortar has a large area of laminar flow, which is more suitable for processing medium and fine (-4mm) Granularity ores. Fiberglass spiral chutes with diameters of 400, 600, 900, and 1200MM have been manufactured domestically, Ф The production of 1200 millimeters of four heads is approximately 4-6 tons per hour. The structure of the spiral chute is composed of six parts: a feeding homogenizer, a feeding chute, a spiral groove, a product selection groove, an equipment gathering hopper, and a groove bracket (including a cross or triangular frame). The rotating groove connected by spiral blades is a key accessory. The rotating plate is made of fiberglass (fiberglass reinforced coal gangue) and connected together by screws. The spiral groove has a pre made durable wear-resistant layer on the selected surface. He also has the advantage of lightweight, sturdy, and long-lasting consumables. The rotating groove is equipped with a multi tube feeding homogenizer to evenly distribute the ore, and the operation is not complicated. The screening machine is freely stacked on a cross (or tripod) on a support table. The evenly distributed mortar is slowly fed onto the surface of the spiral groove through the feeding chute installed at the beginning of the spiral groove, and sorting is carried out. The bottom of the rotating groove is installed in a valve block type new product cutting groove, and the selected new equipment is divided into three types (or four categories) of new products along the radial direction according to grade. Change the width of each new product by adjusting the position of the valve block. The new equipment gathering bucket is a concentric circular tube that allows the selected multi head ore flow to converge and export separately. The cross-section of the spiral chute and the slope of the curve change greatly in the separation of fine particle materials. 5、 Scope of application: FRP spiral chute is suitable for separating fine particle iron ore, ilmenite ore, chromite ore, pyrite, cassiterite, tantalum niobium ore, gold ore, coal, monazite ore, Rutile ore, zircon sand, rare earth ore and other metal and non-metallic mineral materials with sufficient specific gravity difference. Construction of Spiral Chutes 螺旋溜槽的构造 Construction of Spiral Chutes

螺旋溜槽的构造 Construction of spiral chutes
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