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Gravity Separation Test of Binhai Zirconium Titanium Ore

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Gravity Separation Test of Binhai Zirconium Titanium Ore

In recent years, zirconium titanium ore has been widely used in high-tech fields, such as aerospace, nuclear industry, electronics industry, etc. Binhai zirconium titanium ore is an important component of global zirconium titanium ore resources, and its quality is crucial for the country's economic development. However, due to the complexity of the coastal zirconium titanium ore, its gravity separation is difficult, so targeted experimental research is needed. This article will introduce the operational steps and results of the gravity separation test for Binhai zirconium titanium ore.

1、 Test purpose

The main purpose of this experiment is to explore the gravity separation technology of coastal zirconium titanium ore, improve its grade and recovery rate. At the same time, through experimental research, provide technical support for the development and utilization of coastal zirconium titanium ore.

滨海锆钛矿重选试验 II. Test Methods

1. Test materials

The coastal zirconium titanium ore samples used in this experiment were obtained from a certain mine after preliminary crushing and grading.

滨海锆钛矿重选试验2. Test equipment

The equipment used in this experiment includes: heavy medium concentrator, spiral separator, vibrating screen, magnetic separator, etc.

3. Test process

(1) Ore crushing: Preliminary crushing of coastal zirconium titanium ore to obtain appropriate particle size.

滨海锆钛矿重选试验 (2) Heavy medium beneficiation: The ore is placed in a heavy medium beneficiation machine for sorting, resulting in two parts: heavy medium and light medium.

(3) Spiral sorting: Place the heavy medium part into the spiral sorting machine for re sorting to obtain two parts: coarse and fine particles.

(4) Vibrating screen sorting: Place the fine particles into the vibrating screen for screening to obtain ores with different particle sizes.

(5) Magnetic separation: Place the coarse particles into a magnetic separator for magnetic separation to obtain high-grade ore.

滨海锆钛矿重选试验 III. Test Results

After the above operation steps, the grade and recovery rate of the coastal zirconium titanium ore obtained in this experiment reached 90% and 85%, respectively, which is more than 20% higher than the original. At the same time, the experiment also identified some issues that require further improvement and optimization.

4、 Conclusion

This experiment shows that targeted gravity separation tests for coastal zirconium titanium ore can effectively improve its grade and recovery rate. In the future, we will continue to conduct relevant research and make greater contributions to the development and utilization of zirconium titanium ore resources in China.

Gravity Separation Test of Binhai Zirconium Titanium Ore
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