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Tungsten ore mining and beneficiation process

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Tungsten ore mining and beneficiation process

Tungsten ore is an important metallic mineral widely used in fields such as electronics, metallurgy, and chemical engineering. Tungsten ore mining and dressing refers to a series of processes that extract tungsten from tungsten ore through physical, chemical, flotation, and other treatments. This article will introduce the process and operational steps of tungsten ore mining and beneficiation.

1、 Overview of Tungsten Mining and Dressing Process

The tungsten mining and dressing process mainly includes steps such as ore crushing, ore grinding, gravity separation, flotation, desliming, and selection. The specific process is as follows:

1. Ore crushing: The original tungsten ore is crushed by a crusher to obtain ore suitable for further processing.

2. Ore grinding: Crushed ore is ground through a ball mill to achieve a certain fineness.

3. Gravity separation: The ground ore is sorted through a gravity separator to remove some impurities.

钨矿采选流程4. Flotation: Flotation of the re sorted ore through a flotation machine to separate tungsten ore from other ores.

5. Desliming: The flotation ore is deslimed through a desliming machine to remove impurities such as sediment.

6. Selection: The deslimed ore is selected through a selection machine to obtain tungsten ore with higher purity.

2、 Operating Steps

1. Steps for ore crushing operation:

(1) Put the original tungsten ore into a crusher;

(2) Start the crusher to crush the ore;

(3) Send the crushed ore to the next process.

2. Operating steps for ore grinding:

(1) Put the crushed ore into a ball mill;

钨矿采选流程 (2) Add an appropriate amount of water and steel balls;

(3) Start the ball mill for grinding;

(4) Send the ground ore to the next process.

3. Steps for reselection:

(1) Place the ground ore into the gravity separator;

(2) Start the gravity separator for sorting;

(3) Send the re sorted ore to the next process.

4. Flotation operation steps:

(1) Place the re selected ore into the flotation machine;

(2) Add an appropriate amount of medication and gas;

钨矿采选流程 (3) Start the flotation machine for flotation;

(4) Send the flotation ore to the next process.

5. Desliming operation steps:

(1) Place the flotation ore into the desilter;

(2) Start the desilter for desilting;

(3) Send the deslimed ore to the next process.

6. Selected operation steps:

(1) Put the deslimed ore into the selection machine;

(2) Start the selection machine for selection;

(3) Send the selected ore to the next process.

3、 Summary

The tungsten mining and dressing process is a complex process that requires multiple steps to obtain higher purity tungsten ore. During the operation process, it is necessary to pay attention to maintaining the normal operation of the equipment, adding chemicals reasonably, and controlling gas flow to achieve the best separation effect. I hope this article can help everyone better understand the tungsten mining and beneficiation process, and provide some reference for the production of related industries.

钨矿采选流程 Tungsten ore mining and beneficiation process
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