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Gold beneficiation methods and steps

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Gold beneficiation methods and steps

Gold beneficiation is one of the important steps in the extraction and separation process of metal ores, with the aim of extracting gold from the ore. There are many methods and steps for gold beneficiation, and the following will introduce several common methods.

1. Reselection method

The gravity separation method refers to the method of separating gold and waste rocks of different weights through the action of gravity, hydraulic power, or other external forces. Firstly, the gold ore is ground into particles of a certain size, and then mixed with water to form a slurry. The mud will be pumped to the gravity separator under certain conditions, and through the combined action with water, lighter weight waste rocks will be separated, achieving the purpose of concentrate separation and purification.


2. Leaching method

Leaching method refers to the method of soaking gold ore in acid solution with high concentration, so that the gold ion in gold ore is gradually transformed into metal gold by Redox. The commonly used acid solvents for this method are Sodium cyanide, sulfuric acid, etc. It should be noted during the leaching process that the leaching time and temperature should be controlled to avoid affecting the leaching effect.

3. Cyanidation method

Cyanidation is a common method for extracting gold, which involves soaking gold ore in a solution containing cyanide ions to dissolve the gold in the form of a compound. The leached solution will undergo various reactions to purify impurities in the waste. This method has the advantages of high efficiency and resource saving, but at the same time, attention needs to be paid to the collection and treatment of solutions.


The above introduces three commonly used methods for gold beneficiation, but the actual situation is often more complex. Before choosing a gold ore separation method, it is necessary to comprehensively consider and analyze various factors such as ore type, ore quality, equipment cost, and efficiency.

Gold beneficiation methods and steps
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