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Gold sorting equipment

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Gold sorting equipment

This article mainly introduces the function, classification, advantages and disadvantages of gold sorting equipment, in order to help readers better understand and choose the equipment that suits them.

1、 What is gold sorting equipment

Gold sorting equipment is a device that can sort and extract elements such as metals and non-metals from ores. The principle is to use various physical methods to separate useful and useless elements in the ore, ultimately obtaining high-purity metallic or non-metallic elements.


2、 Classification of gold sorting equipment

According to the principles and methods used, gold sorting equipment can be divided into various types, and the following are common gold sorting equipment:

1. Vibration screen sorting equipment: uses the vibration of the screen to classify particles, achieving the goals of screening, filtering particles, dust removal, etc.

2. Heavy medium sorting equipment: By utilizing different densities, the ore is divided into two parts: heavy and light, and then sorted. The heavy medium is generally water, heavy liquid, or gas.

3. Magnetic separation equipment: Under the action of a magnetic field, it separates magnetic components such as iron and steel from different ore properties.

4. Electrical separation equipment: Utilizing the unprecedented charge characteristics contained in ores for separation and extraction. Its principle is similar to electrostatic adsorption.

5. X-ray sorting equipment: Utilizing the ionization effect of X-rays penetrating minerals, the ore is divided into two parts containing uranium and non uranium, and then sorted.


3、 Advantages and disadvantages of gold sorting equipment

1. Advantages:

(1) High efficiency: The sorting equipment can quickly process ore, improve the recovery rate and output of the ore.

(2) High precision: After screening and other processes using gold sorting equipment, the non-metallic element composition in the ore is significantly reduced, resulting in a higher content of metallic elements at the same time.

(3) High degree of customization: With the use of gold sorting equipment, suitable treatment plans can be tailored according to different minerals and production process requirements, achieving automation and intelligence of the process.

2. Disadvantages:

(1) High cost: The gold sorting equipment itself is relatively expensive.

(2) High maintenance cost: The gold sorting equipment has a short service life and requires regular maintenance and replacement of accessories, which increases the operating costs of the enterprise.

(3) Narrow scope of application: Although gold sorting equipment is widely used, it also has limitations in its scope of application. For example, processing equipment for small-sized powder particles is subject to significant limitations.


In summary, gold sorting equipment plays an irreplaceable and important role in the modern industrial field. Reasonable application of gold sorting equipment can improve the production efficiency and quality of enterprises, and make greater contributions to the development of the industry.

Gold sorting equipment
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