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Coal slime gold mine spiral chute

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Coal slime gold mine spiral chute

Coal slime gold mine spiral chute 1. Equipment description. A gravity beneficiation machine that utilizes the continuous centrifugal force generated by mortar in rotary spiral motion to achieve lightweight and significant mineral separation. 2、 The operating principle is that the spiral concentrator screens minerals without limiting the stacking on the cross (or tripod) of the support table. The average mineral mortar is slowly fed onto the spiral groove surface through a feeding groove installed on the rotating groove head, and the selection is carried out. The bottom is equipped with a valve block type equipment cutting groove, allowing the sorted products to be divided into three (or four) types according to grade along the radial direction. Change the selection width of each device by adjusting the position of the valve block. The product gathering bucket is a concentric circular tube that aggregates and leads out the obtained multi head ore flow. The transverse section of the fiberglass chute and the change in slope of the curve are particularly suitable for the selection of small particle materials. 煤泥金矿螺旋溜槽 Coal Slime Gold Mine Spiral Chute III. Features and Advantages 1. Heavy duty, large production capacity, and today's mineral processing principle requires scale efficiency to create profits. 2. Fine granulation: fine and small particle grade mineral materials, especially minerals with Granularity of -0.047MM, can be treated. The original equipment can basically ensure the recovery of+0.047mm particle size. 3. With the development of Hydraulics, two-phase flow and equipment vibration, spiral chutes have developed from simple use of gravity and flow resistance to the level of composite centrifugal force, mechanical vibration force, magnetic force, etc. By using a composite force field to enhance the enrichment of useful mineral materials and the separation of fine or fine particles, the mineral recovery rate can be improved. 4. The basic starting point is to save energy, reduce consumption and environmental protection. The land area and space occupied should be small, and the water and electricity consumption should be small. 5. The operation is simple and flexible, the sorting process is stable, the structure is simple, and it is convenient for maintenance management. Coal slime gold spiral chute 煤泥金矿螺旋溜槽 IV. According to the Granularity of the ore materials processed, the chute can be divided into three categories: (1) Coarse spiral chute. The maximum particle size of the feed is more than 2-3 mm, and the maximum can reach 100-200 mm. Spiral chute experimental process, coal slime gold mine spiral chute (2) ore sand chute, processing 2-3 mm particle size ore. (3) Slime spiral chute, feeding Granularity<0.074mm. 5、 Application field. The spiral concentrator is suitable for separating fine grained iron ore, Ilmenite, Chromite, pyrite, placer tin ore, tantalum niobium ore, placer gold, coal mine, monazite, Rutile, zircon sand, rare earth ore and other metal and non nonferrous metal minerals with sufficient density and specific gravity difference. Coal Slime Gold Mine Spiral Chute 煤泥金矿螺旋溜槽 Coal Slime Gold Mine Spiral Chute

Coal slime gold mine spiral chute
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