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Transformation effect of spiral chute

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Transformation effect of spiral chute

Effect 1 of Spiral Chute Transformation: Equipment Introduction: A gravity beneficiation equipment that utilizes the continuous centrifugal force generated by mineral mortar in spiral motion to achieve lightweight and significant mineral separation. 2、 The working principle is the same: the mortar is slowly fed onto the spiral groove surface through a feeding groove installed at the head end of the rotating groove for sorting. The tail of the rotating groove is equipped with a valve type product selection groove, which divides the selection equipment into three categories according to grade along the radial direction. By adjusting the position of the valve block to change the cutting width of each product, the equipment gathering hopper allows the obtained multi head ore flow to be differentiated, merged and exported. The cross section of the spiral concentrator and the slope change of the curve are particularly suitable for the selection of fine particle materials. 螺旋溜槽改造效果 Spiral chute transformation effect 3. The characteristic spiral chute has attracted more attention among various gravity separation machines due to its low power consumption, simple structure, small land occupation, simple operation, stable beneficiation, clear ore separation, no moving parts, convenient Computerized maintenance management system, large processing capacity per area, etc. The machine has a wide or gentle groove surface, and the area where the mortar flows in laminar flow is large, which is more suitable for processing medium and fine (-4MM) Granularity ores. Spiral concentrators with diameters of 400, 600, 900, and 1200mm have been produced domestically, Ф The production capacity of 1200mm four heads is about 4-6 T/H. The transformation effect of the spiral chute is 螺旋溜槽改造效果. The structure of the spiral concentrator consists of six parts: a feeding homogenizer, a feeding trough, a spiral trough, an equipment selection trough, a product gathering hopper, and a trough bracket (including a cross or triangular frame). The spiral groove formed by connecting rotating discs is a key component. The spiral plate is made of fiberglass (fiberglass reinforced coal gangue) and connected together through screws. The sorting surface of the rotating groove has a pre designed durable wear-resistant layer. It has the advantages of lightweight, sturdy, durable, and durable consumer goods that are not easily damaged. A multi tube feeding homogenizer is installed above the rotating groove to sort minerals equally, making it easy to control. The concentrator does not need to be restricted from being placed on the cross (or tripod) of the support table. The evenly distributed slurry passes through the feeding chute installed at the head end of the spiral groove and slowly feeds onto the rotating groove surface for sorting. The tail of the spiral groove is equipped with a valve type new product acquisition groove, which allows the sorting equipment to be divided into three types (or four types) of new products along the radial direction according to grade. To adjust the orientation of the valve block and change the width of each new product, it is necessary to cut it off. The new equipment gathering bucket is a concentric annular tube that differentially collects and leads selected multi-directional mineral flows. The transverse surface of the fiberglass chute and the slope of the curve change greatly to adapt to the selection of fine-grained materials. 5、 The use of a range spiral concentrator is suitable for processing 0.6-0.03mm or vein ore and minerals, but it is unfavorable for separation when the mud content is high. Nowadays, it is widely used for processing iron ore, tungsten, tin, tantalum niobium ore, bay or riverbank ore sand, and gold ore. Transformation effect of spiral chute: 螺旋溜槽改造效果 Transformation effect of spiral chute

Transformation effect of spiral chute
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