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Where to make spiral chute molds

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Where to make spiral chute molds

Where to Make a Spiral Chute Mold? Equipment Introduction: A heavy selection machine for mineral mortar that uses inertial centrifugal force in rotary spiral motion to achieve lightweight and heavy mineral sorting. 2、 The application method is to establish a fiberglass spiral chute, calibrate the vertical line, fix it in the appropriate direction with an iron frame or wood, and use a sand pump to send the mineral sand to the two feeding ports above the spiral. The sand is replenished with water and the density of the mineral mortar is adjusted. The mineral sand slurry naturally swirls from high to low, and a coherent centrifugal force appears in the flow speed of the rotating inclined plane. The density, specific gravity, particle size, and morphology of the sand ore are different, By using the functions of gravity and centrifugal force obtained through swirling flow, the sand and ore are separated. The concentrate is discharged into the beneficiation hopper and connected out through pipelines. The tail sand flows into the tail sand hopper and is moved to the sand tank through pipelines, and then discharged by a slurry pump, completing the entire beneficiation process. Where to Make the Spiral Chute Mold for 螺旋溜槽模具到哪里去做? 3. Features and Advantages: 1. Ultra large scale, strong processing capacity, and modern mineral material processing principle requires scale to create profits. 2. Fine granulation: fine particle grade mineral materials, especially minerals with Granularity of -0.047mm, can be treated. The original equipment can basically guarantee the recovery of+0.047mm particle size. 3. With the development of Hydraulics, two-phase flow, machine vibration, etc., GRP spiral chutes have developed from simple application of gravity and flow resistance to composite application of centrifugal force, equipment vibration force, magnetic force, etc. By using a composite force field, the enrichment of useful mineral materials and the separation of fine particles and micro particles are enhanced, thereby improving the mineral recovery rate. 4. The basic starting point is to save energy, reduce energy consumption and protect the environment. The area and space occupied should be small, and the water and electricity consumption should be small. 5. The operation is simple and flexible, the sorting process is stable, the structure is simple, and it is convenient for maintenance and management. Where can we make the spiral chute mould. (2) Sand ore chute, processing 2-3mm Granularity mineral aggregate. (3) Slurry chute, feeding particle size less than 0.074 millimeters. 5、 Use This equipment is suitable for separating iron ore, Ilmenite, Chromite, pyrite, zircon sand, Rutile ore, monazite ore, phosphorus, tungsten ore, tin ore, tantalum, tantalum niobium ore and other nonferrous metals, rare mineral metals or nonferrous metal mineral bodies with different specific gravity from fine and small materials with Granularity of 0.3-0.02MM. Where to Make Spiral Chute Mold 螺旋溜槽模具到哪里去做 Where to Make Spiral Chute Mold

螺旋溜槽模具到哪里去做 Where to make spiral chute molds
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