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Benefits of using spiral chutes

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Benefits of using spiral chutes

Advantages of using spiral chutes: 1. Introduction: Gravity beneficiation is widely used in the beneficiation of metal and non-ferrous metals due to its small environmental pollution and low cost. The fiberglass spiral chute is a type of gravity separation machinery, characterized by a cubic parabolic shape on the cross-section, suitable for handling finer particle levels of -0.2MM. In the selection process, there is no need to add flushing water, and fine, medium, and tailings are segmented at the tail end of the chute. 2、 The mineral mortar with equal working principles is slowly fed onto the surface of the rotating groove by installing the feeding chute at the end of the spiral groove head, and then selected. The tail of the spiral groove is equipped with a valve block type equipment to select the groove, and the sorted products are divided into three types according to grade along the radial direction. By adjusting the position of the valve block to change the cutting width of each equipment, the product gathering hopper allows the obtained multi head ore flow to be collected and exported separately. The cross section and slope of the curve of the fiberglass chute are very suitable for the sorting of fine particle materials. Advantages and characteristics of using a 螺旋溜槽使用好处 spiral chute: 1. Stable, easy to control, and with a relatively large concentration range. 2. The production and processing yield of materials is large, with high enrichment ratio and high recycling probability. 3. Small footprint, low water consumption, simple construction, and no need for power. 4. Easy to install, easy to operate, minimal investment, and fast recovery of benefits. The advantages of using a spiral chute are 螺旋溜槽使用好处. The structure of the spiral concentrator consists of a feed equalizer, a cross (tripod), a feed trough, a spiral trough, a selection trough, a gathering bucket, and a trough pillar. 5、 Scope of application: The spiral concentrator is suitable for processing 0.6-0.03 millimeters of vein ore and this ore sand, but it is unfavorable for separation when the mud content is high. At present, it has been widely used for processing iron ore sand, tungsten, tin ore, tantalum niobium, coastal and riverside ore sand, and placer gold. Benefits of using spiral chutes 螺旋溜槽使用好处 Benefits of using spiral chutes

Benefits of using spiral chutes
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