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Mining flotation machine

Mining flotation machine

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Flotation machine is the abbreviation of floating beneficiation machine, referring to the mechanical equipment that completes the flotation process. In a flotation machine, the slurry treated with reagents is stirred and aerated to selectively fix some of the ore particles onto the bubbles; It floats to the pulp surface and is scraped out to form foam products, while the rest is retained in the pulp to achieve the purpose of separating minerals. There are many structural forms of flotation machines, with the most commonly used being mechanical stirring flotation machines.

The flotation machine used for mineral processing is a product carefully crafted by Jinqiang Machinery for many years. The flotation effect is very good, and the characteristics of the machine equipment are high-quality, which has been unanimously recognized by customers around the world. The flotation machine for beneficiation is suitable for separating rare metals, Light metal, precious metals, mining enterprise materials and chemical plant blanks and raw materials, and has gone through rough separation, scavenging, optimization and reverse flotation. Recycle and utilize effective minerals. Flotation machines for mineral processing are generally used for roughing, optimization and reverse flotation of rare metals such as copper, gold, lead, zinc, nickel, molybdenum, Light metal and minerals in mining enterprises.

The flotation machine equipment used for mineral processing manufactured by Jinqiang Mining Machinery has the following characteristics: large breathing capacity and low functional loss. Each tank has a dual function of breathing, suction, and flotation, creating a flotation control circuit that does not require all auxiliary machinery and equipment. The level equipment is conducive to step changes. The coal slurry circulation system is effective and can greatly reduce coarse sand deposition. Equipped with automatic control equipment for coal slurry surface, easy to adjust. The impeller contains left and right tilt blades. The upper leaf causes the upper circulation system of coal slurry, while the lower leaf causes the lower circulation system of coal slurry.

The working principle and key structure of the flotation machine for mineral processing: 1. The flotation machine for mineral processing is an impeller mechanical stirring flotation machine. 2. The key equipment of the beneficiation flotation machine consists of a slurry tank, mixing equipment, aeration equipment, discharge acidification bubble equipment, motor, etc. (1) Slurry tank: It has a slurry inlet and water gate equipment for adjusting the coal slurry surface. It is mainly composed of a pickling tank welded with thick steel plates and a water gate welded with thick steel plates and round steel. (2) Mixing equipment: It is used to mix coal slurry and avoid the deposition of stone sand in the acid washing tank. It is mainly composed of a belt pulley, impeller, vertical shaft, etc. The impeller is made of wear-resistant rubber. (3) Air pumping equipment: it is composed of hose air inlet. When the impeller rotates, negative pressure is created in the impeller chamber, which absorbs gas according to the hollow pipe and diffuses in the coal slurry to generate bubbles. This kind of coal slurry containing many bubbles is quickly thrown to the motor stator by the rotating force of the impeller, which further optimizes the bubbles in the coal slurry and removes the rotating fitness movement of the coal slurry flow in the flotation cell, resulting in many vertically rising micro bubbles, Provide necessary standards for the entire flotation process. (4) Discharge acidification bubble equipment: it scrapes the foam plastic floating on the surface of the tank, and the key is composed of the motor driving the reducer, and the reducer driving the scraper. Characteristics of flotation machines for mineral processing: 1. Large breathing capacity and low functional loss; 2. Self priming gas, self priming coal slurry, without foam pump; 3. Level configuration is conducive to step changes. The coal slurry circulation system is effective and can reduce coarse sand deposition to a certain extent; 4. Automatic control equipment, easy to adjust.

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