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Nielsen gold concentrator machine

Nielsen gold concentrator machine

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Nielsen gold concentrator machine equipment details:

1、 Introduction

Nielsen concentrator and centrifugal concentrator are the same equipment, also known as Nielsen centrifugal concentrator, also known as concentrator centrifuge, vortex centrifuge, vortex centrifuge, and so on. This type of equipment is currently highly utilized among the gold selection equipment, and it is manufactured through automatic ore discharge and automatic production. Select PLC control system software, full name automatic ore discharge system.

2、 Product Features

The Nielsen gold concentrator is used to detect different working conditions such as gold and silver, platinum, lead zinc, nickel, tin, copper, tungsten, ferrosilicon, titanium iron, ferrochrome, carbide slag, smelting plant slag, heating furnace ash, aluminum ash, bauxite, and electronic circuit board broken particles. The three main characteristics of Nielsen gold concentrator equipment are centrifugal separation, which utilizes the comprehensive effect of low centrifugal force caused by high-speed operation in natural environments and air flow to transport backwash water, completing the separation of light and heavy mineral substances.

3、 Characteristics

1. Fast centrifugal speed

As we all know, the gravitational acceleration of objects in the geographical environment on Earth is approximately 9.8m/s2, denoted by G. In the high-speed natural environment created by manpower, the instantaneous speed of centrifugation far exceeds that of gravity acceleration. The instantaneous speed of basic centrifugal equipment is tens to tens of times that of gravity acceleration, and even tens of thousands of times that of fast centrifugal equipment. At present, our company's LXC-800 column continuous vortex centrifuge can achieve a centrifugal instantaneous speed of 100G.

2. Continuous ore discharge

Unlike other interrupted centrifuges, it completes the continuous discharge of titanium concentrate under the standard of high-speed operation of the enrichment cone without shutting down the equipment.

3. Pillar type

The enrichment cone is set vertically, with the small end of the enrichment cone fixed on the rotating shaft and disk, and the large end used for enriching titanium concentrate and tailings pond overflow.

4、 Beneficiation effect

Jinqiang Mining Equipment has developed and designed a new centrifugal Nielsen gold concentrator, which has been used throughout the country. The equipment of the mining gold concentrator manufacturer innovatively adds tens of thousands of vibrations under the action of horizontal centrifugal force, separating gold particles from sand and stone materials, and enabling the recovery and utilization of gold particles in iron ore. The equipment of the mining gold concentrator manufacturer can select a large amount of gold particles from the ore material. When selecting the upper gold particles, the performance of the old heavy concentrator can be improved by at least 10%, the enrichment ratio can be as high as 10000:1, and the utilization rate can reach 85% to 96%. Low cost is also chosen. The equipment of mining gold concentrator manufacturers can be used for gold separation of rock gold ore, placer gold ore, and polymetallic ore. It is also an equipment for difficult to solve gold separation of gold ore containing arsenic, sulfur, carbon, etc. It can also be used for gold selection from tailings ponds.

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