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Strong magnetic iron remover

Strong magnetic iron remover

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Strong magnetic iron remover refers to a type of iron remover used to filter ferromagnetic metal impurities in materials, usually made of rare earth permanent magnetic materials. Common types include magnetic rods, magnetic grids, drawer type iron removers, rotary type iron removers, permanent magnetic cylinders, drum type iron removers, hump type iron removers, strong magnetic plates, fluid pipeline iron removers, and strong magnetic rollers.

The self unloading strong magnetic iron remover can be used in a wide range of industries, such as food processing, grain processing, feed processing, new energy, fine chemicals, thermal power plants, Paper mill, pharmaceutical plants, glass windows, ceramic plants, engineering plastics plants, etc. With the development of the social economy, consumers' attention to food safety is gradually increasing, and their emphasis on the quality of household products is increasing. The demand for new energy and new material performance improvement in industrial progress is constantly increasing. We believe that the application of self dumping strong magnetic iron removers will be more widespread.

Self dumping strong magnetic iron remover is a device with strong iron removal ability. Self dumping strong magnetic iron remover is generally used to filter ferromagnetic metal impurities in materials. Strong magnetic permanent magnetic iron remover has high application value in various production fields. The strong magnetic permanent magnet iron remover is made of special strong magnetic materials, which has the advantages of long-term use without demagnetization, corrosion resistance, maintenance free, and no need for any operation during operation. Compared with traditional iron removal filters, it does not require water backwashing and does not require electricity during operation, and has obvious advantages. The strong magnetic permanent magnet iron remover has a wide range of applications, energy conservation, easy maintenance, low failure rate, and can operate reliably and stably in harsh environments. It is a widely used model by many manufacturers.

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