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Pipeline type iron remover

Pipeline type iron remover

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Pipeline type iron remover equipment details:

1、 Scope of application of pipeline iron remover:

The RCYA series pipeline type permanent magnet iron remover is composed of two parts: a non magnetic pipeline and a permanent magnet iron remover. This pipeline type iron remover uses magnetic materials with strong performance to form a composite magnetic system. The pipeline iron remover is suitable for iron removal in situations without conveyor belts, feeding chutes, elevator inlet and outlet, etc. When loose materials enter the non magnetic pipeline and pass through the iron removal device during work, the ferromagnetic substances mixed in the loose materials are adsorbed by the iron removal device. To remove the ferromagnetic substances, open the sealing door of the iron removal device. Pipeline type iron removers are mainly used in industries such as cement, chemical, coal, plastics, refractory materials, and building materials.

2、 Technical characteristics of pipeline iron remover:

The magnetic circuit of the pipeline type iron remover adopts computer simulation design, with high performance, uniform magnetic field, high strength, and large suction.

The pipeline type permanent magnet iron remover uses high-performance neodymium iron boron material as the magnetic source, with high low coercivity and no more than 5% demagnetization after eight years

The pipeline is equipped with high-performance wear-resistant materials, which are 7-8 times more wear-resistant than ordinary materials.

The pipeline type permanent magnet iron remover has no energy consumption, energy-saving environment, and is easy to install and use.

Pipeline type iron remover Technical Parameter:



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