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Plate type electric separator

Plate type electric separator

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1、 Introduction to solitary plate electric separator

Plate type electric separator, also known as solitary plate electric separator, is mainly used to select a small amount of metal conductor minerals from non-metallic materials, especially suitable for the separation and purification of placers. The working principle of the plate type electric separator is that materials fall from the hopper by gravity onto the conductive plate. During the sliding process, conductive particles deviate from the original falling trajectory under the electrostatic attraction of the elliptical electrode on the upper side and are separated. Non conductive particles still slide along the conductive plate.

2、 Classification of solitary plate electric separator

The equipment of the isolated plate electric separator manufacturer is a type of beneficiation equipment that separates different electrical ore particles, with a variety of types. Mainly classified according to the following characteristics:

1. There are three types of solitary plate electric separators based on the characteristics of the electric field: (1) electrostatic concentrators, (2) corona electric separators, and (3) composite electric field electric separators.

2. There are three types of isolated plate electric separators based on the charging method of ore particles: (1) contact charged electric separators, (2) friction charged electric separators, and (3) corona charged electric separators.

3. According to the structural characteristics, the isolated plate electric separator can be divided into drum type (or roller type or drum type), box type, tube type, and plate type electric separators.

3、 Working principle of the isolated plate electric separator

The isolated plate electric separator is mainly used to select conductive minerals with low content from a large number of non-conductive products. At present, the coastal placers in Australia are widely used, that is, a small amount of Rutile and Ilmenite are separated from the zircon coarse concentrate, and many such electric separators are often connected in series to form one or several series of continuous separation. Some factories originally used the Carpeo high-voltage electric separator from the United States, but due to the unsatisfactory separation effect, the separation effect was greatly improved after using the isolated plate electric separator for separation.

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