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Drum strong magnetic machine

Drum strong magnetic machine

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1. Working principle

Drum type strong magnetic machines and drum type strong magnetic machine equipment are usually used as transmission drums for transportation belts. When materials pass through the magnetic drum on the transportation belt, they are sorted. Magnetic materials are attracted when they move to the top of the drum, and automatically fall off when they turn to the bottom. Non magnetic materials fall directly along the horizontal parabolic trajectory, and magnetic and non magnetic materials will enter different receiving hoppers respectively. According to the different wrap angles of the drum strong magnetic machine, it can be divided into permanent magnet pulleys and permanent magnet pulleys. The magnetic wrap angle of the magnetic pulley is 360 °;, The magnetic pole group is evenly distributed around the circumference of the cylinder, forming a full circular magnetic system. The magnetic system and the cylinder rotate at the same speed as the belt, ensuring smooth operation, safety, and reliability.

2. The application scope is that the unloading principle of drum type strong magnetic machine and drum type strong magnetic machine equipment is achieved through belt traction force, and is generally used for permanent magnetic drum with magnetic field strength below 180mT to reduce belt damage. The drum type strong magnetic machine and drum type strong magnetic machine equipment can be widely used in industries such as cement, building materials, mining, steel, chemical, refractory materials, waste treatment, etc. for iron selection.

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