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Cone crusher

Cone crusher

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Introduction to Cone Crusher:

The single cylinder cone crusher manufacturer's equipment is a cone crusher equipment suitable for raw materials in the metallurgical industry, engineering construction, road construction, organic chemistry, and aluminum silicate fields. According to the different basic principles of crushing and the different sizes of commodity particles, they are further divided into many models and specifications. The equipment of single cylinder cone crusher manufacturers is widely used in many units such as mining, smelting plants, decorative building materials, roads, railway lines, water conservancy engineering, and chemical engineering.

Classification of cone crushers:

With the continuous development trend of mining technology, the equipment of single cylinder cone crusher manufacturers is also divided into various types, including spring cone crusher, rolling mortar cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, and composite cone crusher according to their types; According to the model specifications, it can be divided into many models and specifications, including general PY cone crusher, Simmons cone crusher, composite cone crusher, standard hydraulic cone crusher, double cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, and multi steel hydraulic cone crusher

Advantages and characteristics of Jinqiang cone crusher:

Cone crusher has large crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform distribution of commodity particle size, suitable crushing rate and various kinds of iron ores and rock strata. The equipment of the single cylinder cone crusher manufacturer has been developed based on the digestion of various types of hydraulic cone crushers with excellent international standards from various countries in the 1980s. It is significantly different from traditional hydraulic cone crushers in terms of design scheme, and centralizes the key advantages of various types of hydraulic cone crushers that have been known so far. The single cylinder cone crusher manufacturer's equipment is suitable for fine and extremely fine crushing of hard and solid rock layers, iron ore, fly ash, refractory insulation materials, etc.

Working principle of cone crusher:

During the entire process of the spring cone crusher, the motor drives the stop ring to rotate according to the transmission system. The moving cone rotates and shakes under the force of the camshaft sleeve. The section where the moving cone approaches the stationary cone becomes the crushing chamber, and the raw materials are crushed by several squeezing and collision of the moving cone and the storage cone.

Cone crusher price:

There are multiple factors that affect the price of cone crushers. For specific information on cone crusher prices, please contact Jinqiang. We will provide product solutions and corresponding cone crusher price information based on your actual needs.

Equipment structure of single cylinder cone crusher manufacturer:

The single cylinder cone crusher is mainly composed of organic chemical frame, leveling shaft, moving cone, balance wheel, stop ring, upper crushing wall (fixed fixed cone), lower crushing wall (moving cone), Fluid coupling, air intake system and hydraulic transmission system.

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