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Hydraulic classifier

Hydraulic classifier

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Introduction to Yunxi type hydraulic classification box:

The hydraulic classifier, also known as the Denver hydraulic classifier or the Yunxi hydraulic classification box, is a hydraulic classification equipment that uses sieve plates to create interference settlement conditions. The body is shaped like a conical box, which is divided into 4-8 classification rooms using vertical partitions. The cross-sectional area of each room is 200mm * 200mm. Install a sieve plate at a certain height from the bottom of the room.

Working principle of Yunxi hydraulic classification box:

There are 36-72 sieve holes with a diameter of 3-5mm drilled on the sieve plate. Pressure water is fed in from below the sieve plate and flows upwards through the sieve holes. A group of ore particles is suspended above the sieve plate for interference settlement and layering. Coarse particles are discharged through the central hole of the sieve plate, and the discharge amount is controlled by a conical plug. The slurry is fed from one side and sequentially enters each chamber. The rising water velocity of each chamber gradually decreases, resulting in products of all levels from coarse to fine. The uniform distribution of rising water velocity in the grading room has a significant impact on the grading effect. Reducing the mesh size and increasing the number of mesh sizes can improve the effectiveness to a certain extent. But uneven distribution of water velocity is inevitable. This is an important reason for the low efficiency of secondary reflux agitation.

Application of Yunxi type hydraulic classification box:

The Yunxi type hydraulic classification box is an iron pyramid box with a wedge-shaped sand bar installed on the upper part and a classification box bottom valve installed on the lower part. Usually composed of a series of grading boxes with a width ranging from 200mm to 800mm connected by a regular water tank, and the sediment is discharged from coarse to fine. The Yunxi type hydraulic classification box equipment is widely used in hydraulic classification operations before shaking table sorting, playing a role in grading and distributing ore quantity to improve the sorting efficiency of the shaking table. The Yunxi type hydraulic classification box equipment has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, no power consumption, reliable performance, and convenient operation.

The website of the hydraulic classification machine provides information on the manufacturers of Yunxi hydraulic classification box equipment. To learn more about the principles and manufacturers of hydraulic classification machines, please consult Jinqiang Mining Equipment. Yunxi hydraulic classification box manufacturers sell directly at affordable prices, and welcome to purchase.

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