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Jigging Machine

Jigging Machine

Introduction: A jigging machine is a mechanical equipment used in mineral processing to complete the process of jigging. It regulates the material flow of raw materials through a vertical elevator and carries out the screening process based on the relative density difference. The particle size distribution and appearance of raw materials can affect the results of the concentrator. Jigging machines can use water or gas as the screening material, known as hydroelectric jigging and beneficiation jigging, respectively.

Classification: Mineral processing jigs can be classified into different categories based on their machine structures and water flow modes. 

1. Piston jig: This type of jig uses the repeated movement of the piston rod to create a vertically rising pulsating water flow. It was the initial form of mining jig equipment but has been mostly replaced by diaphragm jigs and gas pulsation jigs.

2. Diaphragm jig: Diaphragm jigs use a diaphragm instead of a piston rod. The transmission system often includes axial force mechanical structures or options for using camshaft rods or hydraulic transmission systems. The equipment is mainly rectangular or ladder-shaped, with a circular pattern becoming more common. Diaphragm jigs can be divided into up-moving, down-moving, and side-moving types based on the installation position of the diaphragm.

3. Hydraulic jig: Hydraulic mining jig equipment uses air compression to create vertical alternation of flowing water. It is divided into sieve side gas chamber and undersize gas chamber jigs based on the different parts of the gas chamber. Hydraulic jigs are key for beneficiation.

4. Moving sieve jig: There are two types of moving sieve jigs - mechanical equipment moving sieve and manual moving sieve, with the manual type being less commonly used. Mechanical equipment moving sieve jigs do not pulsate with flowing water but rely on the moving screen to push the grate plate up and down repeatedly, causing periodic loosening of the raw materials. This type of jig is mainly used for the discharge of lump coal in large and medium-sized coal mines, especially in severe cold and low water areas.

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